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Currently, Im a student in Pennsylvania, USA.

I began using Ubuntu in 2007 and it has been my only OS since.

I do some minor programming for personal needs and convenience, but I am beginning to become more interested in large-team development. Everything I know about programming and computers is self-taught.

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu Forum Community:

I am very involved in the Ubuntu Help Forums, where I assist other users with various 'general-help' problems, ranging from GRUB issues to data recovery, and everywhere in between. Since "Officially" joining the Forums in May 2009, I have over 1,000 posts with a very high ratio of posts to threads solved.

  • Launchpad Translations

I have volunteered my ability to speak French to several applications that I regularly use including, but not limited to, Docky, Getting Things Gnome!, and Ubuntu Tweak. I hope to become more involved in more projects in the near future.

  • Launchpad Teams

I have started a small Launchpad team for Ubuntu users in the University of Scranton community. It is still in its infant stages, but I have high hopes for this community in the future. University of Scranton Members

Noteworthy Posts on Ubuntu Forums

Plans for the future

  • I am currently studying Physics, and I hope to enter the field of Quantum Computing. I am very interested in the Sciences, as well as computing technology. It's my dream that one day, the first fully functional quantum computer runs Ubuntu as it's OS.


  • Having worked together with Tom in many threads, a friendly rivalry has emerged between us that I can say has been beneficial for the OP of those threads. Tom has a calm and simple yet thorough way of explaining things that I feel should be used as a model for the Community as a whole. In situations where most of us would be pounding our heads on our keyboards, he has shown an astonishing level of patience and perseverance.

I salute Tom for his efforts in this Community and wish there were more like him. WarFaceGod

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