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I became involved with computers in 1989 when a neighbour gave me his broken computer (iirc, an IBM PS/2). I took the whole thing apart, right down to its bare components, put it back together and it worked. Thus, a passion was born. I was determined to learn as much about its inner workings as possible. A decade later I changed careers and entered the IT field just in time for Y2K. I've worked on a help desk, in desktop support, as a server and network administrator, as an IT support supervisor, an enterprise architecture analyst and have slowly made my way up the "corporate" ladder. I am currently employed as a senior systems integrator/software project manager for a large municipal organization.

My experimentation and involvement with Linux began in the early 90s with Slackware and I quickly found a home with Redhat. I experimented with many other distros and operating systems and eventually found my way to Ubuntu around 2005. I currently run OpenBSD on my home server (firewall, router, dns, dhcp, www, ftp, etc) and Xubuntu on my notebooks. OpenBSD for security, Xubuntu for productivity, and Xubuntu+1 to see whats coming down the pipeline.


First and foremost, my involvement with Linux is driven by my desire to gain knowledge and experience with computing in general and more specifically, with the internal operations of operating systems. I enjoy the openness and transparency of the Linux operating system - especially with being able to peer in and tweak its inner workings.

Secondly, to continue to support the Linux movement by introducing to and supporting those individuals who have made the transition to ensure a positive computing experience.

And thirdly, to use my professional status to introduce and move forward Linux as a viable enterprise-grade end-user operating system that will hopefully lead to a lower total cost of ownership while providing an alternative, open, and non proprietary-driven locked-in solution.


I'm an active member on Ubuntu Forums assisting others with getting their systems working and answering questions on day-to-day Linux operations. The support areas that I seem to have the most involvement in are xubuntu, laptops (suspend/resume, laptop brightness), gui configuration, linux gaming, and general linux support. I also participate on the XFCE forums when I have the free time.

Interests & Hobbies

In my free time, I enjoy "pounding the pavement". As an avid runner, I average 300-350km of running a month. Not only do I find the physical activity invigorating, I use the time to refocus myself and work through both personal and professional issues that confront me.

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