This is the wiki page for the txJSON-RPC project. The goal of this code is to assist developers in creating python JSON-RPC servers using the Twisted Network Engine.


txJSON-RPC/TwistedWeb - an HTTP implementation based on twisted.web; currently supports Basic Authentication (based completely on Itamar's work; this work is not original, but a simple conversion of his)

txJSON-RPC/TwistedWeb2 - an HTTP implementation based on twisted.web2 (ditto on the parenthetical from above)

txJSON-RPC/TwistedNetstring - a TCP implementation based on Twisted Python's implementation of the Netstring protocol


Very easy installation:

sudo easy_install txJSON-RPC

Releases are here.

Source code is here.

Relase Notes

0.4.0 (rev 52 to rev XX)

  • Forth-coming release...

0.3.0 (rev 42 to rev 51)

  • Removed unneeded dependency upon twisted.web2 for the TCP/Netstring JSON-RPC code.
  • Updated Netstring JSON-RPC code to allow for setting the MAX_LENGTH attribute.
  • Improved documentation.

0.2.0 Added a datetime serializer (rev 35 to rev 41)

0.1.0 Bug fix from Moshe Zadka for SimpleParser and long replies (rev 31 to rev 34)

0.0.5 SimpleParser bug fix, improved code abstractions(rev 22 to rev 30)

0.0.4 Changed name in accord with Twisted community projects recommendations (rev 16 to rev 21)

0.0.3 Includes support for Twisted JSON-RPC servers/clients over TCP by means of the Netstring protocol (rev 8 to rev 15)

0.0.2 Includes support for twisted.web2 JSON-RPC servers over HTTP (rev 4 to rev 7)

0.0.1 Includes support for twisted.web JSON-RPC servers/clients over HTTP (rev 1 to rev 3)


jsonrpclib - a JSON partial analog to the python xmlrpclib


To see what's on the list for development, check out the following



twisted - http://twistedmatrix.com/trac

simplejson - http://undefined.org/python/#simplejson

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