This page is a companion wiki page for Ubuntu Amharic. Ubuntu Amharic is one of the components of the Ethiopian Millenium Gift Project. Our goal is to create a complete amharic operating system and user applications for Ethiopian millenium that is on september 11 2007.

For that purpose we need the help of every one. You do not have to be a programmer to make a difference. What you can, we need that. We need project coordinators, lawyers ,translators, testers, bug reporters, documentation writers, tutorial writers, artists, advocates, babysitters... . We need your experience and guidance. We need and highly value your input. And if you are also a programmer, well that's good, but it isn't essential.

Put your name and your love on the greatest gift of the millennium to the Ethiopian people. Organize working groups in your areas, and help.

The proposed project and detail objectives are at theEthiopian millennium Gift Project (EMGP) page.


  • we are in a very unique time, and opportunity has presented itself to Bring the Ethiopian children in to 21st century. the Ethiopian Millennium is going to be in about one and half year from now. There are an estimated 1.5 million Ethiopians living abroad. Most of those Ethiopians are educated and could help in many ways. Out of those Ethiopians with the most conservative estimate about 100 000 will be celebrating the Ethiopian millennium in Ethiopia.

What The Millennium Gift Project does?

The millennium gift project for the next one and half year prepares a gift of a $100 dollar Ethiopianized laptop computers by one travelling Ethiopian for one Ethiopian child to be presented for the millennium celebration.

This project organizes a massive localization and translation project with the participation of all capable Ethiopians, free and open source software developers, institutions such as universities and colleges. Helping with organizing, coding, translating, identifying recipients and donors.

The software’s to be localized and translated to at least one Ethiopian language are



  • Schools
  • Classes
  • Students


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