Notes from UDS Jaunty

Notes Taken at UDS Jaunty -December 8th 2008

List of Flavors for reference

(# = no presentative at session)

  • Ubuntu Desktop #
  • Kubuntu Desktop
  • Edubuntu #
  • Xubuntu Desktop
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Mythbuntu
  • Ubuntu Server #
  • Ubuntu MID
  • Ubuntu UMPC

Specific Issues

  • apt and apt-url
  • Launchpad Specifications get closed off as complete without being tested on all flavors
  • Having to play catch-up with changes in other flavors
  • Problems in functional teams / not healthy or no communication
  • Having issues with ubuntu artwork and themes, getting artists to contribute to multiple flavors

Actions to be taken

  • Council of representatives of each flavor to lead cooperation / UP-TO-DATE contact list
  • Updating documentation across the board as changes are made
  • (Try to arrange meetings and get) the functional teams healthy again !
  • Trying to work in the functional teams as much as possible
  • Getting art.ubuntu.com started again with an entirely new interface (Woohoo - ask knome@freenode for help)
  • Create a mailing list for cross flavor cooperation and post its info on fridge.ubuntu.com (Luis Guimera)


  • How to share resources efficiently?

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