The Danish LoCoTeam has for a long time been some people at a mailinglist, with various small projects popping up between few of the members. We now feel that we have gathered enough momentum to make the plunge to become a 'real' LoCoTeam.

Key Details


Turn into '''the''' place for users seeking help in danish.

The resources in Danish for people seeking support are scattered at best. We have some documentation on our wiki, some from the guys at, some on private blogs and wiki's. We would like to gather this information in a wiki, providing links to external sources for more information.

Make be a community site

Several newer members have complained that the LoCoTeam has been to invisible. This is mainly because most of our discussions take place on IRC or the mailing-list. By making a community site, we hope to be able to make ourselves visible, both to recruit new members and to create a common place for 'the old guys'.

The mother of all release-parties for Hardy in April

Our Feisty and Gutsy release parties were successes, but very different. The Feisty one included talks and some beer, where the Gutsy one was mainly based on beer (and coffee and soda for the drivers/youngsters). Both have been mainly for the Copenhagen Crowd (although some people travelled quite far). The Hardy release is special (LTS), so we would like to have it be the best planned Release Party ever. It should include members from all over the country, there should be interesting talks and lots of beer.

CD handouts on SFD and other days

We would like to increase the knowledge of Ubuntu and Free Software to Mr. and Mrs. Denmark. The handing out of CDs in shopping malls and public squares seem to be a fun way of doing this. This is both for Software Freedom Days as well as other special occasions.

Making a style-guide for support

Every person in the LoCo seems to have his or her own way of providing support to people. We have talked about doing a sort of style guide for supports, so that new users aren't met with perl one-liners or "Get Automatix" (okay, almost nobody recommends Automatix anymore. The general idea should be friendly, GUI based replies, unless the user asks for them

Booth at Open Source Days 2008 (LinuxForum)

Our booth at LinuxForum 2007 was a tremendous success, and we would like to follow this up on the replacement event called Open Source Days in 2008 (name was changed to please the BSD-guys).


  • Gutsy Release party in Copenhagen. Blog entry:

  • Feisty Release party in Copenhagen. Wiki planing page: FiestyKøbenhavn

  • Monthly IRC meetings Møder

  • Participated in Linux Forum 2007 Wiki planing page: LF2007 Blog entry from participating ubuntu-dk member:

  • Translations - Many from the LoCoTeam participate in the translation of various FLOSS projects, mainly in cooperation with dansk-gruppen, a national FLOSS-translation-team. Ubuntu specific documents and other translation has been discussed and encouraged on the mailinglist.

  • IRC-channel - We have managed to get the IRC from 3-4 people at the time to about 22-30 people (October 2007) at the time in the course of a year. This is probably mostly coincidental, but we have tried to refer people to it in various sneaky ways as often as possible.

  • Forums - In cooperation with the people at, we have managed to get a pretty active forum going at This has been done in the same ways as the IRC-channel.

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