Project meeting 13th February 2010

Full logs here:


  • 48 Hours of Ubuntu Manual Learning
  • BETA Release milestones
  • Ubuntu Manual Global Jam
  • Artwork icons
  • T-t-title page!


  • Discussed timetabling of 48 hours of Ubuntu Manual - see for timetabling & edit if you need

  • Decided to create \screenshotTODO{description} command to insert placeholder and produce list of required screenshots
  • Discussion of Global Jam. Decided that it would be beneficial to promote translations and screenshots to be taken. Anybody near one was encouraged to go
  • Design team to produce mockups for chapter header icons
  • Title page not discussed without humphreybc and others
  • Use of serial commas throughout agreed
  • Kevin Godby to set up glossary system
  • Kevin Godby and Josh Holland to investigate creating daily localised builds

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