Quickshot meeting 18th April 2010

Full logs here:


  • Client
  • Server
  • Bug fixes
  • Road map
  • Any other business
  • Next meeting?


  • When quickshot loads it checks for local files then one server for the config file downloads the one the user. chooses and then does everything else on the project related server.
  • Luke to draw up some concept ideas for the gui design to be mailed to the mailing list.
  • Test out/look into the idea of error checking the screenshots.
  • Online help found through the help menu.
  • We are going to use .
  • For the server we need to figure out what behaviors we're trying to prevent (specifically), and that will help us determine how to do it.
  • Neil to mail the list on what standard docstring format to use.
  • The next meeting will be when we decide we need one.

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