Project meeting 26/02/2011


  • The IRC log is available here


  • Ideas for improving
  • Ideas for improving the manual.
  • Feedback on Project Leader and Editor-in-Chief Roles.
  • Quickshot team feedback.
  • Discussion into providing the manual in other formats (e.g. ePub).
  • Translations?
  • Manual Project promotion.
  • Any Other Business.


  • Godbyk (Chair)
  • ChrisWoollard (Minutes)

  • c7p
  • semioticrobotic
  • patrickdickey
  • daker
  • popey (When his name was mentioned)


Ideas for improving

  • Test Site - Getting involved / designer / programmer pages need updating
  • Test Site - Be more speific on what volunteers are needed for
  • Site should be contain info detailing what people are needed for
  • We need: Volunteers for the above

Ideas for improving the manual

  • We should have a chapter detailing Alternate applications.
    • [ACTION] c7p will research the most frequently used applications in Windows and Mac OS X and will suggest suitable replacements under Ubuntu. Maybe in the Learning more chapter

Feedback on Project Leader and Editor-in-Chief Roles

  • Job descriptions look okay. We will now prepare them for advertisement.

    • [ACTION] ChrisWoollard will mark up the job descriptions and application process

    • [ACTION] godbyk will post it to the site.
    • [ACTION] godbyk will create a email address to receive job applications.

    • [ACTION] ChrisWoollard will send the application details to popey for inclusion in the podcast.

Quickshot team feedback

  • Write a job description for Quickshot developers. Available here.

  • Godbyk have a brief chat with Jenkins, but still doesn't know what needs to be done.
  • Documentation is still outstanding.
    • [ACTION] Chase the quickshot developers for a todo list of skills to continue quickshot developement.

Discussion into providing the manual in other formats (e.g. ePub)

  • [ACTION] Godbyk to look into using Docbook as the source format.
  • [ACTION] ChrisWoollard to ask Dinda about the toolchain for the conversion of the developer manual to Docbook.


  • (c7p)There shouldn't be the option of translating an edition of the manual if this edition isn't complete, cause there is dissatisfaction and confusion among translators.

Manual Project promotion

  • Write a job description for promotions manager. Available here.

Any Other Business

Next meeting

  • ACTION [ChrisWoollard] - Schedule next meeting for 2 weeks time.

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