Authors and Editors Meeting #2 - 29/06/2013

IRC Logs

The full transcript of the meeting is available here


  • Upcoming Schedule/Due Dates
  • Communication with authors
  • Open Q & A


  • schlopo
  • hannie
  • godbyk
  • CarstenG
  • cqfd93


Upcoming Schedule/Due Dates

Communication with authors

  • ACTION: godbyk to prove results of section statuses to Ubuntu Manual coordinators

  • ACTION: schlopo to communicate deadline through mailing list to all authors, and target those who've shown no activity in their sections.

Open Q & A

  • ACTION: hannie to remove author/editor email addresses from the shared spreadsheet and replace with LaunchPad usernames/nicks

  • ACTION: hannie to send an email to the mailing list about reducing the number of margin notes and avoiding screenshots (except icons where necessary).

Meeting ended at 20:06:47 UTC

Next Meeting

  • TBD - will be scheduled, coordinated, and conducted by the editors group if a meeting is deemed necessary

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