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My Ubuntu future

I am an ordinary computer user, along with the rest of the world. Having seen the potential of Ubuntu, I've not looked back. I foresee further integration with public services (such as the BBC), and other Government funded organisations, such as the National Health Service in the UK and worldwide. As Ubuntu continues to grow as the implementation of GNU-Linux, we will see further industry support. Despite its mainstream progress, ubuntu will remain the core value of the Ubuntu community.

My contribution to the Ubuntu Community


  • Ubuntu Forums ~ Ubuntu Forums Staff as a Moderator (ugm6hr)

    • Frequently assist users in Absolute Beginners Talk, General Help, Installation & Upgrades and Networking & Wireless.

    • Moderate users behaviour to ensure the friendly community atmosphere flourishes.


  • While I remain active in the Ubuntu user community, my contributions to development are limited to personal views on future direction at Brainstorm.

Blogging and Documentation

Local Community

  • Distribute old desktops and laptops with Ubuntu on freecycle.
  • Resurrect old desktops with Ubuntu at work for colleagues to use (and experience).


  • Comments and messages from other community members are welcomed!
  • ugm6hr is a great help to the Ubuntu forums and the present is easily seen in the Beginners forum. It is a pleasure to work with ugm6hr on the forum staff. overdrank

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