There have been many requests for different disk management utilities, and all of them can be summed up into one configuration GUI, which should be included in Ubuntu. Has a brainstorm idea at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/5722/


There are many common disk management tasks that can only be accomplished by the command-line or using apps that require downloading from the repositories. These tasks are common enough and simple enough that they should be integrated together and included by default.

Use Cases

  • Bob wants to check the status of his hard-drive via S.M.A.R.T. so he goes to System>Administration>Disk Management and sees that it's working fine.

  • Jane is running out of disk space, so she goes to System>Administration>Disk Management and runs the disk cleanup wizard.


Provide a desktop-agnostic backend, with a frontend for Gnome and KDE.


Very rough:

Tab 1: Free Space -integrate Baobab (and remove it from the applications menu) -create an extensible disk cleaner with default plugins for emptying the trash, clearing the firefox cache, possibly deleting logfiles (using policykit), etc.

Tab 2: Health -allow setting frequency of fsck, so an option something like: [x]Automatically check my disks every [35] boots. -a button for immediately checking all filesystems -S.M.A.R.T. integration

Tab 3: Backup -a scheduled backup utility that can image the entire disk or zip certain folders using cron. -allow creating multiple backup 'profiles' for advanced scheduling -incremental backup would be nice, but probably difficult

Tab 4: Advanced -integrate the partition editor from the installer, and enhance it to allow fstab editing as well

BoF agenda and discussion

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