usb-creator takes your Ubuntu CD or ISO image and writes it to a USB disk (or other removable media soon). It also optionally allows you to reserve space for documents and settings while booted from the USB disk.

It intends to be simple and non-intrusive. It has an uncomplicated interface, and will happily coexist with your existing personal files on a USB disk.


usb-creator is maintained in the bzr revision control system. If you already have Ubuntu installed, you can create a branch of usb-creator trunk by issuing the following command:

bzr branch lp:usb-creator usb-creator.trunk

In order to test changes you've made to the source code, you will need to build and install usb-creator. You can do this by issuing the following command in the top level of the source tree:

debuild; sudo dpkg -i ../usb-creator*.deb

Once you're satisfied with your changes, either email Evan Dandrea (, or ping him on IRC (evand on Libera Chat, always in #ubuntu-installer) to discuss merging your branch.

After a sustained contribution to usb-creator, you will be made a member of the ~usb-creator-hackers team, where you will be able to commit directly to trunk.

If you are making major changes to usb-creator in your branch, or are working on a significant feature, please let us know in #ubuntu-installer and consider setting up your branch for CIA notifications by following the instructions on the InstallerDevelopment page.

If you cannot be bothered with bzr, patches posted to a pastebin will work fine as well.

Filing Bugs

Bugs can be filed on the Ubuntu bug page for usb-creator.

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