Meeting University of Texas Area 12-5-2009
Arlington, Texas
1:00 pm till 5:00 pm
208 S Mesquite St
Arlington, TX 76010

Introduction of Members
New User Experience Team
Karmic Koala
Lucid Lynx

Link to images and videos

(note - click link above to view photos and below are video links they open in Totem(Movie Player)
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http://dailystruggles.org/projects/1nuet/meeting1.ogg (nux discussion)
http://dailystruggles.org/projects/1nuet/meeting2.ogg (TexasTeam discussion)

Recipient of computer - Alfred

Computer Donated by - Justin

Secretary - Lucy

People that attended in person

List of Attendees Registered

Audio stream was available courtesy of JeremyFluhmann
IRC channel and moderation courtesy of TexasTeam

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