Applying for

  • creation of "cloud-image" package set w/
    • cloud-init
    • ec2-api-tools
    • ec2-ami-tools
    • rds-cli
    • iam-cli
    • awscli
    • joyent-mdata-client
    • elasticache
    • ascli
    • open-vm-tools
    • vagrant
    • virtualbox
    • walinuxagent
  • upload rights to "cloud-image" package set

About Me


Ben Howard




Over the last three and half years, my focus has been delivering Ubuntu to Amazon AWS and other Cloud vendors (like Windows Azure and HP), mirror improvements and the porting Ubuntu to Windows Azure.

Before coming to Canonical, I was employed by Novell and most recently Amazon. For Novell, I was a advantage support engineer. At Amazon I worked on the Amazon Linux project, built the Amazon Linux S3 installation repositories, and maintained a Xen Fleet (a 40K physical machine installation). In general, I consider myself a cloud-guy and enjoy working on cloud and server projects.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Future Goals

My goals are pretty cloud centric, with the overriding goal to make the Ubuntu Cloud Images the best in the Cloud. With that, comes more packaging work -- such as updates to the AWS tools, packaging new tools to support cloud products, and continued maintenance of the Cloud Images.


Ben's been doing a great work of maintaining all the cloud enablement bits for the various Ubuntu releases. Including getting such enablement packages through NEW into the LTS on pretty short deadlines. Reviewing quite a few of his packages, I can't recall seeing any major problem with them and he's always been very responsive to resolve any issue and typically asks before doing anything outside of his comfort zone.

The package set above does make sense to me as an initial cloud-image packageset (which will likely be a subset of the ubuntu-server one) and I'm perfectly happy with Ben being the first uploader for the set.

-- stgraber 2015-01-13 16:11:51

Overall I've been very happy with Ben's attention to detail, patience, and quality of work.

I've sponsored the following uploads for Ben:

In addition I've reviewed and approved numerous SRUs for Ben. Each time he has ensured that the proper template is filled out, that the package is testable or tested, and that the change minimizes the chance of regression.

I think the above packageset makes sense given his history and track record.

-- arges 2015-01-13 17:26:01

I've sponsored many cloud-init uploads for Ben, and he has done a good job with his work there. Ben is careful and willing to do the necessary work to test things for regressions and think about all possible fallout of changes.

I have no reservations in sponsoring Ben as I know that he is careful and responsible to react quickly and professionally in the event of a mistake in an upload.

-- smoser 2015-01-13 17:26:01

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