I am applying for Ubuntuforums Membership.

I am volunteering for Ubuntu Forums Moderatorship.

I am not nominating myself and I will only stand if I get a second to nominate me.

I am trying to keep this very simple. My name is Dale Beaudoin. I am (aka) ventrical at I have been an end_user at ubuntuforums since 2010, little more than 2 years. I have contributed comments in Testimonials and am a member of the U+1 Team. I have also participated in a small part in the beta testing process of new Ubuntu releases.

I started my electronics career in 1964 at age 9 reparing old vacume tube TVs and IBM cash registers. I had recieved a Certificate (Certified Pinball Machine Repair Technician) from St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology in 1976. I have work experience in reparing all types of pinball machines, video games and juke boxes prior to 1985 (including some of the first pinball machines with microprocessors (although I was not involved in programming them).

I started my computer carreer in earnest in 1988 at the data level entry position running and administrating Reflex Database. I took formal classes at the University of Windsor (Canada) in 1990 (Introduction to Algorithms, Turing Language, Vax Unix and BASIC.

I operated and administered two BBSes from 1990 to 1993 and was a regular contributor to FidoNet echos at the request (and as an invited guest) of the Network Echo Co-ordinators.

In 1995 I breifly tested Linus Torvorld's kernel through one of the LINUX FIDO ECHOS but was more involved in security matters with Microsoft Operating systems where I spent the larger part of my time.

I became familiarized with Linux again in 2008 with Knoppix,PCLinux and Ubuntu (Hardy Heron). I continued on from there and have found all variants of Ubuntu a very effervescent experience.

My Work

I have worked extensively in computer repair and malware removal with Microsoft based systems. I currently work on call for the repair of specialty radio devices. I am also a piano refinisher/tuner. My other work includes assaying recyclable computer components for their precious metal content, computer consultations and general labour of all sorts.Simply put, I am an electornic repair technician. One of my passions is programming but I can rarely find the time to do any coding as work is always calling. I always hope that I can make more time for Ubuntu testing.

My Hobbies

I like fitness and work an active program everyday. Running, cycling, swiming and kayaking are a list of my favorites. I also like bowling and playing chess. And of course - experimenting with all sorts of computer hardware - whatever I can get my hands on from the local buisnesses around here - keeps me really busy.

Ubuntu Contributions

I have tried to become involved as best as possible in the forums discussions (Testimonials) but for the larger part I have been involved with testing Development Releases U+1. I have tired to participate in maintaining part of the U+1 Testers wiki and have found that an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I try to be moderate in my veiws and replies but I am always willing to debate computer concepts vigorously. I hope to become a member of Ubuntu Forums so that I may eventually get back into some programming and help with some bug work-a-rounds. I cannot really say that I have helped anyone with any major problems but in a few instances I might have forwarded a quote or some code that was contributed by other members that could have been of help. I am not afraid to admit that I stand on the shoulders of giants .


Thank you for considering me as a member of Ubuntu Forums. If other information is required, please do not hesitate to ask.


Anyone is free to write a testimonial if they would. Thanks in advance.

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