I've been using Ubuntu as the primary OS since around June 2008. Before that , I had tried it but a few hardware problems prevented me from fully switching to Ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu is my first Linux experience, and have been sticking with it without second thoughts.

Contact information Name:

Vishnoo Launchpad::

vish IRC:

vish on Freenode

Was earlier active in the ubuntu-forums but recent activity is more in launchpad and freenode irc


Future Goals

  • Become a part of the Ubuntu Artwork Packagers team. -DONE
  • Do artwork/mockups as and when the need arises.
  • Upstream gnome-icon theme devs have asked me to start and maintain a new package in upstream itself , for extra icons [MIME and drives], will be hoping to do that as soon as possible.
  • Create a Ubuntu-specific art request wiki page for use by Ubuntu related projects , which the community-art members can work on. [Already spoke about this to kwwii and wheels are in motion ]
  • Create a new interesting theme and try to get it included in the ubuntu-community themes. [have a rough plan in my head , and it is partially in progress
  • Become an Ubuntu Member. -DONE


Vish has been an outstanding contributor to the artwork and papercuts team. He's very active and does great work. Offering Ubuntu membership to Vish is a no-brainer Smile :) kwwii

"No-brainer" is exactly the phrase that came to mind when discussing Vish's Ubuntu membership. Not only should Vish be made an Ubuntu member, we should clone him 100 times and make the clones members too! Contributors of Vish's caliber are extremely rare; he's an extremely talented artist, has great user experience understanding, and has a great curiosity for technical details as well, all of which make him completely well-rounded. djsiegel

Vish has been tireless in handling Papercuts and other design-related bug reports. He’s a quick learner and often provides useful design suggestions. — mpt

Vish is very active in the Bug Squad. Not only does he triage loads and loads of bugs, he also is there in IRC to provide help to new triagers,and is of great help in discussions. The fact that he has somehow found the time next to all this to contribute so much to Artwork is astonishing. - qense


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