Hello, I am vishurockssrivastava. I started off with Linux in October~November 2012 as I was interested in it and din't want to upgrade my Laptop to Windows 8 which I consider useless. I have tried a lot of distributions and my personal favorites (in the order of liking, max to minimum) are: 1. Kubuntu 11.10 (which I left as it had just 18 month support) 2. Kubuntu 12.10 (less appealing than 11.10, the reason why I looked at other distros outside Kubuntu) 3. Ubuntu 12.04 (the LTS was a solution to Kubuntu 11.10. I wanted to try Ubuntu and give it a chance. As of January 2013, this is the distribution I have installed full time on my desktop. Initially, I hated it but once I got past the learning curve of getting used to the interface, I like it) 4. Linux Mint 14 and Backtrack 5 R3 (I like both but wouldn't give all my hard drive to them)

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