Scott Evans


I was first introduced to Ubuntu back in 2006 but due to illness I was unable to explore this further... Since then, I now use Ubuntu-desktop, Ubuntu UNE & Ubuntu-server exclusively! Ubuntu has allowed me to develop and expand the way I use computing for both my day to day usage, and development... Oh and I hear you ask, "What's with this VK7HSE thing?" well, I'm a licensed Amateur Radio operator and that's my call sign!

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~vk7hse

IRC (irc.ubuntu.com): VK7HSE

IRC (irc.ubuntu.com): VK7HSE-Eee

Skype: vk7hse

Email: <scott AT SPAMFREE vk7hse DOT hobby-site DOT org>

My Current Involvement

  • Debian Maintainer for Me TV

  • Package builder for Me TV

  • Beta testing for...
  • Former Moderator for Ubuntu-AU mailing list

  • Miscellaneous bug reports (see Launchpad for further details)

My Vision

To be able to contribute to the Ubuntu community and share what knowledge I have learnt to new users. Presently I'm still on the road to recovery from Lymphoma, 2 years in remission now, this has changed my outlook on life some what! I now feel the need for a place within a community, Why not the Ubuntu Community!


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