About Me

My name is Jacob Vlijm.

I am an Ubuntu user since Natty. Started scripting with python shortly after I switched to Ubuntu, mainly to tweak the desktop and to automate common tasks. Never stopped doing that. Later on, many of these scripts were inspired by questions on Ask Ubuntu. Some of these projects lead to applications or indicators with a ppa.

In 2017, I joined the Ubuntu Budgie core team. In the team, My main focus is to work on applets and other desktop enhancements. Currently, I am mostly writing in Vala, although the singing beauty and flexibility of python is always tempting.

Being a musician for my day-job, I am also programming on a daily base in the context of being a member of the Ubuntu Budgie Team.

I have signed the code of conduct (https://launchpad.net/~vlijm/+codesofconduct).

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vlijm on freenode




  • Active user on Ask Ubuntu as Jacob-Vlijm (65,000 rep) and ask Ubuntu Meta.

  • Member of the Ubuntu Budgie core team, Ubuntu Budgie developers and Ubuntu Budgie bug busters (https://ubuntubudgie.org). As such, I wrote a.o. 17 applets, a window shuffler for window tiling and other additional desktop enhancements.

  • Active in translating on several projects.
  • Previously to my Ubuntu Budgie team membership, I contributed a dozen indicators for Unity, mainly hosted on Launchpad, and a number of other applications. In many cases, these indicators were initiated or inspired by questions on Ask Ubuntu.

Future Goals

  • My main goal is to contribute to the growing quality and maturity of Ubuntu Budgie and to contribute to elegant and creative desktop solutions on the Ubuntu desktop in general. This includes:
  • Maintain and improve the current additions, applications and enhancements.
  • Become comfortable with an expanding set of languages (currently mostly writing in Vala & python).


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Ubuntu Jacob has good potential and has contributed considerably to Ubuntu community over the years I’ve interacted with him. He’s an author of multiple AppIndicators that were well received and featured on multiple community blogs. That is to say, he has worked extensively on improving user’s experience on Ubuntu within the capabilities and opportunities he has as part-time open source developer, and some of the projects he created do attract new users to Ubuntu and reinforce interest towards Ubuntu from existing users. Now, over the years me and Jacob had several disagreements on how to best approach solving particular problems and we have very different styles of developing in Python and vastly different outlook on shell scripting. That is to say, he is passionate about Ubuntu, like myself, and despite our differences I do have considerable respect for the guy as developer. To summarize, Jacob is deserves Ubuntu membership and has earned that over the years of contributing to the community. -- 1047481448-2 2019-03-24 22:53:07 https://launchpad.net/~1047481448-2

Ubuntu Jacob is an active member of the Ubuntu Budgie team and is valued throughout the UB community through his contributions to our distro for the last couple of years.

Jacob has shaped UB via his work on developing budgie applets. He interacts with the community both on Ask Ubuntu and our discourse forum in a friendly and professional manner.

I first met Jacob through his active participation on Ask Ubuntu. He's a keen Ubuntu user - always willing to help out & share his knowledge - a significant credit to the wider Ubuntu family. Jacob has brought that enthusiasm to UB and is the primary driver for its success. I highly recommend him for Ubuntu membership. Jacob - why have you waited so long to apply?! -- -- fossfreedom 2019-03-15 10:56:45

Ubuntu Jacob has some of the smartest solutions on Ask Ubuntu that increase the user-friendliness of the Ubuntu UI. He's more than just a Python Wizard: he's a Sorcerer that can made the UI dance around! I don't just highly recommend him for Ubuntu membership: I'd say he's a necessity! -- -- fabrizio-marana 2019-03-16 07:34:00

Ubuntu Vlijm should already be a member if you ask me. He made many nifty tools in python based on questions on AskUbuntu that he became one of those members you can point to and say: “he will know a solution for this question”. Often available on AU chat and always amongst the AU users on the meta part.

Nothing but praise from me. -- -- w-damen 2019-03-17 07:00:55

Ubuntu Vlijm has been absolutely crucial to improving the Ubuntu Budgie experience, bringing new users to the Budgie Desktop environment, and has engaged with the larger Budgie community in a friendly and professional manner. I strongly encourage Ubuntu to accept Vlijim’s Ubuntu Member application.

-- joshua.strobl 2019-03-18 12:00:47

Ubuntu Jacob has demonstrated a clear and sustained effort to help users through Ask Ubuntu. His answers are through and technically excellent, and his Membership would be in all our best interests. Jacob is a keeper. -- oli 2019-03-18 12:43:36

Ubuntu As a core team member for Ubuntu Budgie, Jacob is a crucial member that drives our flavour forward and engages with the community with the utmost professionalism. Always open for discussion, provides valuable feedback, direction and is a great team player. With how deep he goes on Ask Ubuntu, our Discourse forum, GitHub Issues and with our internal team, I would say he is a perfect candidate for Ubuntu membership. Plus he rules — time to welcome him to the club.

-- bashfulrobot 2019-03-18 17:55:41

Ubuntu Jacob is a longtime contributor to Ask Ubuntu who demonstrates great patience and willingness to help in many of his answers. His many custom scripts have greatly contributed to the quality of life of many Ubuntu users. Jacob is an asset to the Ubuntu community and I recommend him for membership. -- sethj 2019-03-27 18:54:12

Ubuntu Jacob has been a regular presence on Ask Ubuntu for several years now, and has gone out of his way to help users come to grips with and extend the capabilities of their Ubuntu systems. His scripts are famous to all Ask Ubuntu regulars and he would make a great Ubuntu Member. -- terdon 2019-03-27 20:08:46

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