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About Me

How to describe oneself is oftentimes a difficult task, and this time is not an exception. I'm a 51 Y/O Tennessee USA resident, US Air Force Veteran and have been Linux user since 2001 and Ubuntu User since 2006. I started out building my own computers way back in 1975, but didn't have the foresight to cash in (like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates :P ) An avid Ham Radio Operator (hence my LP, Forum and IRC Name) and American Red Cross Disaster Relief (communications) volunteer. I'm a self admitted hardware freak, but not in the normal sense...I enjoy bringing old hardware to life and putting it back into the supply chain, and by donating loaded Ubuntu powered systems to needy families and organizations who support those in need.

I'm a member of the Beginners Team and Unanswered Posts Team and am the Trustee of the Tennessee Loco Team and the Tennessee Team Forum Moderator, IRC Op, LP Page Admin and my LoCo Team Admin guy.

Maintaining the spark of the Ubuntu Philosophy and mindset in our team's area has been my passion for the past few months and increasing the team members activity has been paramount ---and we seem to be getting the LoCo off the ground now after a few fitful starts and stops. We are holding numerous get-togethers and face to face meetings in addition to our regular IRC meetings in #ubuntu-us-tn. A Leadership Council has been elected and we can only look forward to better times ahead.

Personally, I'm running 9.10 at the moment and running down a few bugs...this Alpha ride has been quite smooth--probably the best I've had. I'm Really looking forward to the final release of Karmic...Ext4 will be a real step forward.

Email: <w4ett@comcast.com>



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