This document describes the policy for updating the wslu package to new upstream versions in a stable, supported distro (including LTS releases).

The wslu package is a set of settings and utilities to integrate Ubuntu running in WSL to the host Windows 10 system. The wslu package is shipped in the Ubuntu Microsoft Store apps and in the downloadable WSL tarballs for supported Ubuntu releases (see installation).

The wslu package is shipped with the intent of providing uniformly complete integration across all supported Ubuntu releases and the way of ensuring consistent behavior is back-porting full upstream releases with minimal changes.

New versions of wslu can be SRU'd in to older releases provided the following process is followed.

QA Process

When a new version of wslu is uploaded to -proposed, the following will be done:

  • The wslu package is tested if it can be upgraded from the previous version
  • The fixes upstream claimed to have been fixed are verified preferably by extending the package's autopkgtests
  • The wslu package's autopkgtest is run inside WSL on a Windows 10 system manually or in an automated way that also captures the screen.

  • (optional) A new Ubuntu app is built with the updated wslu package preinstalled.
  • (optional) The autopkgtest is run in the installed new Ubuntu app with the preinstalled wslu package.

Requesting the SRU

The SRU should be done with a single process bug for this stable release exception, instead of individual bug reports for individual bug fixes. However, individual bugs may be referenced in the changelog and each of those bugs will need to be independently verified and commented on for the SRU to be considered complete.

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