Basic Acceptance Test

To generate a test .deb from ezpgk: ./ wxbanker 0.7 .0 These are the steps to perform on a fresh machine to ensure a new version of wxBanker works correctly.

  1. Ensure wxBanker is NOT installed. (clean: sudo find "*wxbanker*" | grep -v "/Code/" | sudo xargs rm -rf)
  2. Install the package.
  3. Ensure wxBanker appears in Applications -> Office.

  4. Launch it, ensure you are welcomed. Close it.
  5. Launch again, make sure you are not welcomed.
  6. sudo apt-get install language-pack-fr-base language-pack-ru-base --yes
  7. Run the tests: python -c "from wxbanker.tests import alltests; alltests.main()"
  8. Add an account, enter a $1 transaction with no description.
  9. Add another account, enter a 0.50 transfer from A to B.
  10. Create a recurring transaction for today for 0.25, transfer from A.
  11. Make sure the pop-up appears. Click it, make sure the transactions are entered.
  12. Click the summary tab, make sure it loads correctly.
  13. Click the Help -> About. Make sure it displays the correct version.

  14. Change the currency via Settings -> Currency to JPY, make sure everything changes.

  15. Import a CSV fixture from /usr/share/wxbanker/fixtures/*.csv, make sure it works.
  16. LC_ALL=ru_RU.utf8 wxbanker => make sure the app is localized in currency AND language.



  • sudo apt-get install bzr devscripts debhelper cdbs vim
  • HOST=foo scp -r $HOST:~/.ssh ~/ && scp -r $HOST:~/.gnupg ~/ && scp -r $HOST:~/.bazaar ~/

To do a beta/RC release:

  1. make sure new templates are up and email wxbanker-translators
  2. run through basic acceptance test
  3. push to dev PPA (like: 0.7~beta~ppa1)
  4. email wxbanker-users (like:

  5. tweet from wxbanker re: announcement (like:

To do a final release (this uses 0.7 as an example):

  1. bzr merge lp:~mrooney/wxbanker/translations-autoexport && python wxbanker/ && bzrci "sync launchpad translations export in preparation for release" && bzr push

  2. update wxBanker's
  3. cd packaging && dch -i -c changelog (change to -0ubuntu1, correct distro)

  4. ./ wxbanker 0.7 .0 stable
  5. ./ wxbanker 0.7 .0 lp
  6. ./ wxbanker 0.7 (creates release from milestone, marks bugs released, uploads artifacts)
  7. Make LP announcement:

  8. File update request bug in Ubuntu: ./

  9. Blog on
  10. Tweet blog post from wxBanker
  11. RT from MikeRooney

  12. Email users mailing list with link to post
  13. Relax.

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