Based out of east Tennessee, near Knoxville, I'm a long-time linux dabbler, since Slackware on floppies. I've since moved on to RedHat/Fedora, and now have found a happy home for all of my linux systems using Ubuntu. My interests are many and varied but include music, gaming, cars/trucks, and of course computers. I've built most of my machines (outside of the laptops/netbooks) and can never leave well enough alone. Thus far I've installed ubuntu on just about anything I can get it onto in my personal stable, and have finally moved into full-time user status. Any windows partitions you may find on my machines are either old or in a VM.

I love to be helpful when questions in my area of experience are brought up. Please feel free to include me in any newbie or oldbie discussions as you see fit. I'm game!

xtemplarx at gmail.com


  • xtemplarx is always good for some good laughs, but is also very well versed in music and recording tools, not to mention owning some nice guitars.He is a valuable member of our LoCo always willing to help someone out -- WesleyStout

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