About Me


  • My name is Mariano Paz, Ruby Developer at SUmavisos S.A., a Software Development Company.
  • My first contact with the GNU/Linux world was on april 2003 when a copy of RH 7 came to my hands (I was 15) but I didn't could enjoy it because we only had one familiar computer, the risk was to big.(mothers ... you know)

Then, in march 2008 I meet Ubuntu (GG), it was love at first sight. Today, I use Kubuntu KK at home (mi sister, mother and I are using it), at work to. My lovely girlfriend Giannina fell into the Kubuntu's world to, was my fault , and she loves to.

Contact Information

Mariano Paz

Where in the world

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Launchpad ID



<zeroadrenalinux AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Ubuntu Forums (zeroadrenaline)


zeroadrenaline @

Personal website

Ubuntu Contribution

Local Community

  • I started my active local community participation at FLISOL giving help to people who had problems with the Ubuntu installation process.

  • I do support (when my knowlege lets me) by mail into the Ubuntu Users Argentina list.

International Community

  • I'm doing my first steps into the MOTU'S world, reading a lot about bugs and the debuging process.
  • I involved into the recent GlobalJam

I would like to

  • Improve my skill to resolve bugs and help people to feel more confortable using GNU/Linux.



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