Black Eco / Axel Leroy

launchpad id : http://launchpad.net/~blackeco

blog : http://www.axel-leroy.com/

email : blackeco --at-- ubuntu-fr.org

jabber : blackeco --at-- jabber.ubuntu-fr.org

irc : BlackEco on Freenode

Twitter : @BlackEco

Google+ : +AxelLeroyBlackEco

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about me

I'm 20 and I live near Versailles (France).

I study programming and project management and I started using GNU/Linux with Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jacktalope.

While I was looking to learn how to use GNU/Linux, one website advised to use Ubuntu, because it was very user-friendly. When I encountered my first problems with Ubuntu, I searched for help and discovered the ubuntu-fr community.

Since then, I joined the community and I actually co-organize multiple events in France (mostly in the Paris area) such as the Ubuntu Party of Paris. I also give lectures, demonstrate and teach classes during these Ubuntu Party.

ubuntu involvment

In association with other members, I promote Ubuntu in France ( Solution Linux, Braderie de Lille and of course Ubuntu-Party)

I also contribute to the ubuntu-fr wiki : https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/utilisateurs/BlackEco

Launchpad team participation


  • I animate a conference on Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets at the Ubuntu Party of Paris.
  • I animate demonstrations about Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets and Ubuntu GNOME.
  • I welcome visitors, explain them what Ubuntu and Free Software is and help them using demonstration PCs running Ubuntu.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here :

  • Blackeco est devenu un des piliers des événements grand public de Ubuntu-fr. C'est notamment notre référant pour les démonstrations d'Ubuntu pour téléphones et tablettes et Ubuntu GNOME. C'est en partie grâce à lui que les Ubuntu Party parisienne gardent ce rythme bi-annuel Smile :) Blackeco mérite le statut de membre officiel d'Ubuntu. ~olive

  • blackeco participe très activement dans l'association ubuntu-fr, il est un des piliers de ces dernières ubuntu party ~karum

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