As with many projects Ubuntu-64-bit currently makes use of the Freenode IRC servers. Most of the communication outside of the mailing list takes place in ##ubuntu-64-bit. The channel can be used for a lot or applications such as meetings, problem solving, receiving help and information for users but also can be used as a place for general chat.

You can connect to the ##ubuntu-64-bit IRC channel with an IRC client, some of the popular ones are listed below;

Now you can navigate your client to the Freenode network using the information below;




Channel Guidlines

While in the Ubuntu-64-bit IRC channel you are expected to abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (CoC).

If you have a problem you need advice with, please post your questions in the main channel and wait for help from one of the members, theres no need to private message members or wait before you post the problem.


There are channels bots setup to add extra functionality to the channel, the current channel bots are

Please register with Skynet to activate your IRC membership, to register just send Skynet a message saying "Hello" and Skynet will do the rest.

Channel Logs

Channel logs and statistics are available here

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