November 10th, 2009, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.



Action Items from October 27th, 2009

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Current Items

Action Items

  • ogra to report back on midori usability
  • NCommander to report back on Chromium Browser's usability
  • dyfet to report back on epiphany-webkit's usability
  • asac to test fennec and report back
  • asac to talk to Nokia on their optimizations to gecko
  • NCommander to investigate kexec() on ARM
  • NCommander to find cause for ppp packagename truncation


  • Various memebers of the Mobile team will test possible alternate web browsers for UNE on ARM
  • ARM: Per SoC Power management improvements and move debian-cd for imx51 completely to redboot-tools and stacked squashfs builds for live images (separate rootfs and kernel/modules completely) to be fleshed out by ogra
  • ARM: Make gcc default to ARMv7 and Thumb2 implemented by doko already for Lucid
  • NCommander to work on cleaning up d-cd armel backends to remove a ton of code duplication between imx51 and dove
  • HDD based Recovery Images moved to Foundations team
  • extX images versus vfat needs research for a non-root solution to building ext-based images
  • UNE(UNR) Social Networking Applets to be discussed at UDS
  • Discussion on axing lpia as a separate port
  • persia to draft UNE: replace the maximus blacklist(s) with proper info on the affected windows
  • multiarch execution environment with qemu static needs fleshing out
  • Optimizations for SSD netbooks to be lead by dyfet
  • ARM kernel versions is an informational spec to determine the status of ARM kernels for lucid.

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