Please find below the specifications under consideration for the Mobile track at the UDSLucid for Lucid Lynx.

High Priority Specs

Medium Priority Specs

Low Priority Specs

Wishlist Priority Specs

Informational Specifications

Feature Specifications

Topics for discussion

These are items that probably need discussion at UDS. They could be converted to specifications:

Administrative Procedure

To add more specifications to this page, please use the following procedure

  1. Verify that you will be attending UDS (either physically or virtually)
  2. Register a specification on launchpad from

  3. Fill out at least the Summary, Release Note, Rationale, and Use Cases on the SpecTemplate under the namespace, using the CamelCase form of the blueprint name for the URL

  4. Add an UbuntuSpec: link to the blueprint on this page

  5. Subscribe David Mandala to the specification

The deadline for submissions is 6th November (0:00 UTC)

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