December 15th, 2009, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from December 8th, 2009

  • davidm and ogra to investigate mksquashfs issue on pegatron board
  • asac to discuss work items/burndown/reporting for liquid with ian_brasil

Current Items

Standing Items

Action Items

  • asac to approve outstanding liquid specs
  • persia to watch the builds and make sure they happen and are testable
  • GrueMaster to post LSB test failures for investigation

  • asac to figure out why dove still uses a 2.6.31 kernel
  • dyfet to prepare a test kernel build with the patch in bug 494831 (comment 7)
  • asac, ogra, persia to make sure .32 backporting for imx51 kernels is documented somewhere.


All action items were completed, and asac will follow up with the liquid developers to make sure the specs are approved to track workitems. Activty tracking for Alpha-2 is below trendline. Major sources of blockage are a launchpad code merge and getting chromium built properly for armel. JamieBennett asked for input on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/CasperSpeedup. StevenK and asac are working to rebalance items related to the UNR->UNE rename. asac encouraged everyone with assigned tasks to hunt for low-hanging fruit and knock that out quickly to bring back to trendline. There were no other current items on the agenda.

In the review of lucid-wide activity tracking, it was thought that some of the canola work may be able to be brought forward and completed. ARM images didn't build for the last couple days due to a buildd hang, and persia will watch to avoid this happening in the future. As of 20091213, imx51 worked and dove didn't really (same errors as Alpha 1).

Several items were brought up in other business. GrueMaster reports good progress with the LSB conversion, and will be posting information on test suite failures for interested parties to review and investigate. JamieBennett has asked that everyone who works on Mobile activities report their work to the weekly meeting agenda to ease the activity reporting task. There was some discussion about changing the time of the meeting, with general agreement that timezones suck and that the meeting would remain at 13:00. dmart raised the problem of alignment faults on Dove, represented by bug 494831. asac and dyfet will investigate various aspects of this issue and report back next week. persia pointed out that in some of the discussion regarding the use of 2.6.31 rather than 2.6.32 for imx51, there was no clear documentation as to which features from 2.6.32 might be useful to backport, and several attendees will be reviewing and preparing this documentation.

Weekly Reports

Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett)

This week

  • Time stamping of the Casper boot process done on a ARM Karmic image. Timing info submitted to:
  • Documented the process of modifying initramfs's and changing Casper which is the process I used for the time-stamping work.

  • More in-depth time stamping analysis done by booting into casper-bottom and running the scripts by hand. Findings added to the above wiki page.
  • Monitoring of Grant Likelys next-devicetree and test-devicetree git tree's:
  • 2D launcher work is waiting on code changes before it can be packaged for REVU again but sync requests for edbus and efreet have been actioned. MIR's for missing package promotion have been picked up by the right people but no work as yet has been done.

  • Seeding work done for main inclusion of bootchart and pybootchartgui so we can profile the boot process.

  • Took on monthly team progress reports to be documented at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/TeamReport. First real report will be submitted at the end of December.

  • Took on Alternate media client for UNE ARM blueprint as it had no assignee.

  • General wiki clean-up.


  • Investigate casper more, specifically look at code that could be causing the slowness. Communicate with the various package owners who have code in casper to see if they have speed-up suggestions.
  • Push hard for 2D launcher code to be finished and package to REVU when its available.
  • Test out alternative media clients as per the Alternate media client for UNE ARM blueprint.

Michael Casadevall (NCommander)

  • On vacation

Tobin Davis (GrueMaster)


  • Tested Lucid Alpha 1 on babbage. Some major issues during install, but live boots to GUI and most apps run. Install issues can be worked around.
  • Fixing final bugs in LSB Olver test port. Should be operational soon. One minor fix allowed compiler to build majority of tests, which took ~16 hours. Just need to fix linker issues with the launcher agent for this test suit then do a test execution run.


  • review patches needed to make Olver test suite build standalone on arm. Try to minimize impact on original tree.
  • crash course on deb package building for LSB test suite porting activity.
  • create bazaar tree for LSB test porting.
  • create ppa for LSB test suite (if needed).

Oliver Grawert (ogra)

  • prepared and tested alpha1
  • fixed the livefs failures
  • fond a quick fix for squashfs-tools (held back the karmioc version until after A1, dyfet worked on a mid term fix for lucids squashfs-tools meanwhile)
  • went over the FTBFS list for armel to make -desktop installable (i.e. dropped compiz from arm builds since it was stuck on KDE)
  • researched and fixed cryptroot issues that resulted in 16MB initrd.gz on armel

Emmet Hikory (persia)

  • Complete reading all "Mobile" or "Embedded" wiki pages
  • Work to get schroot environment on Netwalker

Steve Kowalik (StevenK)

  • On vacation

Paul Larson (plars)

  • Experimenting with LTP on ARM, found some build problems
    • Found the cause of the build problems, it is now fixed upstream
  • Wrote several more tests for bringup testing blueprint, now 50% complete
  • Alpha 1 candidate image testing for dove and imx51
    • reported and worked on gathering details for several bugs related to this testing
  • worked on some launchpadlib scripts
  • worked on some other scripts to help track image status, changes, etc

Future Plans

  • Finish up work on bringup testing blueprint and put it into production as we get new hardware (which has already started happening)
  • Get started on the install testing blueprint
  • More testing, scripting, bug triage, etc

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • getting started with babbage 3 board
    • buying hardware - a few times
    • install karmic image
    • test lucid image
  • alpha-1 milestone
    • help verifying imx51 install
    • track down and fix initramfs bloat bug (LP: #495161)
  • chromium-browser continued
    • track down build system issues for !armv7; upstream fixes
    • make codecs package build out-of-box on arm
  • sponsor squashfs-tools update
  • release team status report

David Sugar (dyfet)


  • Chromium crashing issue with arm/neon identified
  • Squashfs-tools fixed for lucid image production (494667)
  • Worked with Tobin on porting lsb compliance tests to arm
  • Missing blueprint on office web integration found and completed
  • Canola review


  • fixed asterisk-integration blueprint (was moved to server...)


  • sipwitch 0.5.11 posted to revu
  • setup sip domain calling in voip ppa


  • reviewed lxde blueprints and actions

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