September 28th, 2010, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from last meeting

  • rsalveti to create NEON enabled Qt build and post it publicly
  • ogra_ac and rsalveti to talk to davidm on proper approach to fix Qt
  • GrueMaster to fix assigned bugs list

  • ogra_ac to follow omap3 kernel situation
  • NCommander to eBay his soul to fix mono on ARM

Special Items

  • New meeting time

Standing Items

Meeting Outcome

[12:59] <NCommander> #startmeeting
[12:59] <MootBot> Meeting started at 06:59. The chair is NCommander.
[12:59] <MootBot> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
[12:59]  * NCommander notes the laptop clock is a bit fast
[12:59] <NCommander> who's here?
[13:01] <NCommander> davidm_: GrueMaster_: ogra: ping?
[13:01] <NCommander> persia: ?
[13:02] <ogra> moo
[13:02] <GrueMaster_> me
[13:02] <NCommander> oh good, signs of life
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[13:02] <ogra> david is on vacation
[13:02] <ogra> as well as ricardo
[13:02] <GrueMaster> no life here
[13:03] <NCommander> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20101123
[13:03] <MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20101123
[13:03]  * NCommander feels hidious so wishes to make this a short meeting
[13:03]  * ogra fixes the bugtasks link
[13:03] <NCommander> [topic] Action Item Review
[13:03] <MootBot> New Topic:  Action Item Review
[13:04] <NCommander> skipping non-president people's items
[13:04] <ogra> ricardos item is done
[13:04] <NCommander> [topic] ogra_ac and rsalveti to talk to davidm on proper approach to fix Qt
[13:04] <MootBot> New Topic:  ogra_ac and rsalveti to talk to davidm on proper approach to fix Qt
[13:04] <ogra> we did that during the meeting iirc
[13:04] <NCommander> oh
[13:04] <NCommander> [topic] GrueMaster to fix assigned bugs list
[13:04] <MootBot> New Topic:  GrueMaster to fix assigned bugs list
[13:04] <ogra> after you made it an action
[13:05] <GrueMaster> ogra fixed it before I could.
[13:05] <ogra> sorry :)
[13:05] <NCommander> [topic] ogra_ac to follow omap3 kernel situation
[13:05] <MootBot> New Topic:  ogra_ac to follow omap3 kernel situation
[13:05] <ogra> still in progress
[13:05] <ogra> and i looked at ebay
[13:05] <ogra> under which name is that soul offered ?
[13:06]  * ogra couldnt find anything
[13:06] <NCommander> ogra: discovered that eBaying one's soul is against the Terms of Service
[13:06] <ogra> pfft
[13:06] <ogra> just name it differently :)
[13:06] <NCommander> /dev/life?
[13:07] <ogra> so how is that mono stuff going forward ?
[13:07] <NCommander> Made some progress, discovered we're not building mono with VFP, and have some test cases
[13:07] <ogra> cool !
[13:08] <NCommander> Got sidetracked by being patch pilot and high priority stuff from davidm plus the fact that my lungs are full of uninvited guests
[13:08] <ogra> well, patch politing is fun :)
[13:08] <NCommander> Also discovered that cars beside my own are prone to having their doors freeze shut and I'm going to probably be spending part of tomorrow trying to fix that.
[13:09] <ogra> put graphite on the gasket
[13:09]  * NCommander notes its a *very* cold day in Portland
[13:09] <NCommander> ogra: not my car. Wish it was, I won't be afraid I was going to pull off a handle or something
[13:09] <NCommander> Anyway
[13:09] <NCommander> [topic] Standing Items
[13:09] <MootBot> New Topic:  Standing Items
[13:09] <ogra> heh, rather the gasket
[13:09] <NCommander> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/natty/canonical-arm.html
[13:09] <MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/natty/canonical-arm.html
[13:10] <NCommander> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/natty/canonical-arm-natty-alpha-1.html
[13:10] <MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/natty/canonical-arm-natty-alpha-1.html
[13:10] <ogra> we're getting terribly close to the trend line
[13:10] <NCommander> hrm
[13:10] <ogra> dont forget A1 in dec. 2nd
[13:10] <NCommander> my specs are STILL not there
[13:10] <NCommander> *grumble*
[13:10] <NCommander> oh wait
[13:10] <ogra> they are
[13:10] <NCommander> yes they are, I already did my workitems for this cycle
[13:10] <NCommander> er
[13:10] <NCommander> milestone
[13:11] <NCommander> */half dead*
[13:11] <NCommander> I thikn I forgot to strike it off my TODO list ...
[13:11] <NCommander> [link] http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-mobile-assigned-bug-tasks.html
[13:11] <MootBot> LINK received:  http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-mobile-assigned-bug-tasks.html
[13:11] <ogra> wrong link
[13:11] <ogra> !!
[13:11]  * NCommander refreshs
[13:11]  * ogra fixed it on the wiki
[13:12] <NCommander> [link] http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-arm-assigned-bug-tasks.html
[13:12] <MootBot> LINK received:  http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-arm-assigned-bug-tasks.html
[13:12] <GrueMaster> should be [link] http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-arm-assigned-bug-tasks.html
[13:12] <NCommander> er no
[13:12] <ogra> shows that persia is a slacker :)
[13:12] <NCommander> I didn it wrong twice >.<
[13:12]  * NCommander notes it would be nice if he attended our meetings ...
[13:12] <ogra> yes, it would
[13:12] <NCommander> Finally confirmed bug #626749
[13:12] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 626749 in flash-kernel (Ubuntu Maverick) "flash-kernel tries to use MTD devices on OMAP4 when no flash-kernel.conf exists" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/626749
[13:12]  * NCommander coughs
[13:12] <ogra> but the time is bad for him
[13:12] <NCommander> There's no actual bug here
[13:12] <persia> Um, you folk have a funny definition of "attendance"
[13:13] <NCommander> Cause the code is doing exactly what its supposed to
[13:13] <ogra> heh
[13:13] <ogra> NCommander, its not
[13:13] <ogra> obviously it doesnt use a method the HW can deal with
[13:13] <NCommander> ogra: I wrote the code to intentionally try to write to NAND if it was on a Beagle Board
[13:13] <NCommander> Beagle XM says its a Beagleboard
[13:13] <ogra> yes
[13:13] <NCommander> I therefore say its a hardware bug, and we need ot fix it software :-)
[13:13] <NCommander> Thus I'm not at fault
[13:13] <ogra> you are
[13:13] <NCommander> :-P
[13:13] <GrueMaster> beagleXM is omap3
[13:14] <ogra> since you added that code
[13:14] <ogra> make it work or remove it
[13:14] <NCommander> ogra: the cirmstances which the code is being run changed :-P
[13:14] <persia> It7s generally better to do things like try to detect if there *is* MTD, rather than depending on detection.  Such work is likely to be much more applicable in the future.
[13:14] <NCommander> but I plan on fixing it anyway
[13:14] <NCommander> since I have an XM now
[13:15] <ogra> right
[13:15] <ogra> more checks please :)
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[13:15] <NCommander> preferable with five figures on them :-)
[13:15] <NCommander> *preferably
[13:15] <ogra> that should be possible independently from the board type
[13:15] <NCommander> ogra: yeah, I plan to add something look for the mtd device and maybe even check for u-boot or something in flash
[13:16] <ogra> also for a vfat containing uImage etc etc
[13:16] <ogra> you need to cover all possible cases to make it proper and generic
[13:16] <NCommander> ogra: right that code is there and is known to work
[13:16] <persia> Well, kinda.  It works sometimes, for some hardware.
[13:16] <ogra> .oO(tell that to Neko)
[13:16] <NCommander> What isn't working is that the code assumes that a board saying its a Beagle has NAND
[13:17] <NCommander> That assumption proved to be incorrect
[13:17] <ogra> the bug as about a blaze iirc
[13:17] <persia> MTD detection, partitioning management, etc. is kinda funny, in several annoying ways.
[13:17] <ogra> which has only eMMC
[13:17] <NCommander> d-i has a lot of ugly code dealing with it :-/
[13:17] <ogra> for which we have no solution yet afaik
[13:17] <ogra> but your code needs to take that into account too
[13:17] <NCommander> indeed
[13:17] <NCommander> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney)
[13:17] <MootBot> New Topic:  Kernel Status (cooloney)
[13:18] <ogra> not around
[13:18] <GrueMaster> Until I get an upgraded blaze, we have no way of testing it.
[13:18] <ogra> i have an upgrade card
[13:18] <ogra> just not in the balze atm
[13:18] <ogra> *blaze
[13:19] <NCommander> [topic] QA Status (GrueMaster)
[13:19] <MootBot> New Topic:  QA Status (GrueMaster)
[13:19] <GrueMaster> Currently working on test for QT neon.
[13:20] <ogra> i thought you can only do that next week ?
[13:20] <GrueMaster> Friday's omap4 image fails to boot after 2nd reboot.  Not sure if it is X related.  Kernel segfaults.
[13:20] <ogra> did you dig deeper into why the omap4 images dont work ?
[13:20] <ogra> ah
[13:20] <GrueMaster> Not yet.
[13:21] <ogra> might be a toolcahin issue
[13:21] <ogra> *toolchain
[13:21] <GrueMaster> I have a pastebin of the console log.
[13:21] <ogra> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/none-kernel-n-misc has a workitem for us
[13:21] <ogra> could you take an onap4 image and replace the kernel with the linaro omap3 one ?
[13:22] <ogra> and see how that works
[13:22] <ogra> *omap
[13:22] <ogra> cool, file a bug
[13:22] <GrueMaster> Will it work on omap4?  I only have a panda.
[13:23] <GrueMaster> I'll file a bug when I can narrow down the segfault.
[13:23] <ogra> oh, you dont have your XM with you
[13:23] <ogra> file the bug asap probably someone can tell something about it
[13:24] <GrueMaster> I only have my panda.  Thisis a holiday week and I had only planned on working on my blueprints this week.
[13:24] <GrueMaster> Will do.
[13:24] <ogra> might be because the kernel wasnt recompiled with the new toolchain or so
[13:24] <GrueMaster> It boots up to mounting rootfs.
[13:25] <GrueMaster> jasper boot sequence runs fine.
[13:25] <ogra> oh
[13:25] <ogra> thats different indeed
[13:25] <GrueMaster> exactly.
[13:25] <ogra> must be userspace then
[13:25] <GrueMaster> see http://paste.ubuntu.com/535244/
[13:26] <GrueMaster> I have limited resources, but will try to narrow it down.
[13:26] <NCommander> can I mov eon?
[13:26] <GrueMaster> go
[13:27] <ogra> chvt: can't open console
[13:27] <ogra> thats your main issue
[13:28] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander)
[13:28] <MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander)
[13:28] <NCommander> mostly mono work
[13:28] <ogra> any idea how KDE is progressing ?
[13:28] <ogra> did you talk to ScottK
[13:28]  * ogra is still waiting for the QT mail from asa
[13:28] <ogra> c
[13:29] <NCommander> ogra: didn't have a chance yet
[13:29] <NCommander> will do so
[13:29] <ogra> given that he wanted to discuss with thiago at meego conf
[13:29] <NCommander> [action] NCommander to speak with ScottK on KDE progress
[13:29] <MootBot> ACTION received:  NCommander to speak with ScottK on KDE progress
[13:29] <ogra> i see him going wild on the different ARM channels
[13:29] <ogra> which is awseome :)
[13:29] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[13:29] <MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[13:30] <GrueMaster> Not working.
[13:30] <ogra> U1 acts up today
[13:30] <ogra> u-n-d-s was fixed
[13:31] <ogra> i hope if U1 is in sync we will have images again
[13:31] <ogra> nothing more about image status
[13:33] <NCommander> [topic] abo
[13:33] <MootBot> New Topic:  abo
[13:33] <NCommander> er
[13:33] <NCommander> [topic] AOB
[13:33] <MootBot> New Topic:  AOB
[13:33] <ogra> BOA ?
[13:34] <ogra> nothing here ... i guess meeting time has to wait until we are complete again
[13:35] <ogra> persia, anything from you ?
[13:35] <ogra> i.e. about ubuntu-armel and work items ?
[13:36] <ogra> i.e. reveal your plans to a wider audience
[13:37] <persia> Hrm?  Oh, yeah, I want there to be an Ubuntu ARM team, rather than just Canonical ARM.
[13:37] <persia> I'm not sure how much there is to say about that: it's in part up to you to want to do that :)
[13:37] <ogra> which is there, but mainly used for bug triage atm
[13:38] <ogra> well, its trivial to add another WI tracker, i just thought you wanted to elaborate a bit on it
[13:38] <ogra> i.e. do you want its status covered in this meeting etc
[13:39] <persia> Dunno how much to elaborate.  I know of several things happening with ARM by people who don't much attend this meeting, so my other encouragemetns to you are mostly about being inclusive.
[13:39] <ogra> and make sure NCommander invites the people from that team to attend it
[13:40] <ogra> just having a tracker if nobody watches it doesnt seem to make much sense to me
[13:40] <persia> Well, if there is a meeting that tracks some ARM stuff, I'd rather track all ARM stuff, and encourage more participants.  I think it's up to individual folk whether they want to participate, to some degree, but I think it would be worthwhile to have an overview of everything happening in ARM.
[13:40] <ogra> so it would need additional actions around that
[13:40] <persia> Additional actions?
[13:40] <ogra> i.e. invites from NCommander and a note in the meeting announcement etc
[13:41] <ogra> NCommander, oh, btw, the meeting announcement ... we're the ARM team ;(
[13:41] <ogra> ;)
[13:41] <ogra> and we should mobve to a new namespace on the wiki
[13:41]  * GrueMaster never saw one this week.
[13:41] <persia> The meeting announcement needs help anyway.  Fixing it one way or the other is probably the same work.
[13:41] <ogra> NCommander, can you handle that ?
[13:42] <ogra> GrueMaster, it goes to ubuntu-devel now, since thats our new mailing list
[13:42] <GrueMaster> argh
[13:42] <ogra> GrueMaster, make sure to be subscribed to it and probably u-d-discuss
[13:42] <ogra> we talked about it before
[13:42] <ogra> u-mobile is essentially dead
[13:43] <ogra> (not sure david removed it completely yet, but that will happen soon)
[13:44] <NCommander> anything else, or can I close it out?
[13:44]  * NCommander is feeling pretty close to death ATM
[13:44]  * ogra waits for answers from NCommander 
[13:44] <ogra> (and probably some actions)
[13:45] <ogra> but after that you can happily close :P
[13:45] <persia> ogra, So, you poked me to talk about a wider team definition.  Do you have an opinion on that?
[13:45] <NCommander> ogra: which answers?
[13:45] <ogra> well, as long as the team is included and invited
[13:46] <ogra> <ogra> NCommander, oh, btw, the meeting announcement ... we're the ARM team
[13:46] <ogra> <ogra> and we should mobve to a new namespace on the wiki
[13:46] <ogra> <ogra> NCommander, can you handle that ?
[13:46] <persia> ogra, The point of inclusiveness is that *everyone* is invited :)  I very much don't want to exclude you (or anyone else).
[13:46] <ogra> persia, no, but the team members need to know about it
[13:46] <persia> I'm even happy to create a teamspace on the wiki for an ARM team, if there is to be an open ARM team.
[13:47] <ogra> so if the announcement needs rephrasing in that direction and the agenda needs points for that, they need to be added
[13:47] <ogra> i.e. have a ARM Community topic
[13:47] <persia> NCommander, Give me actions for those, and when you're feeling better, I'll feed you text :)
[13:47] <ScottK> NCommander and ogra: Qt/KDE is blocked on a gcc fix. The gcc patch was posted upstream for review yesterday, so hopefully we'll see something soon.
[13:47] <ogra> and point out that everyone is invited in the meeting announcement
[13:48] <NCommander> [action] persia to handle namespace renaming
[13:48] <MootBot> ACTION received:  persia to handle namespace renaming
[13:48] <persia> ogra, You can do something about the WI tracker and bug list?
[13:48] <ogra> why the bug list ?
[13:48] <ogra> i can add another team to the tracker, yes
[13:48] <persia> Same rationale as the WI tracker, really.
[13:48] <ogra> you need to give me a mail address for the responsible person for broken tracker entries
[13:49]  * ogra doesnt understand
[13:49] <ogra> we never subscribe ubuntu-armel to any bugs
[13:49] <ogra> but we use it to subscribe the whole team to it
[13:49] <persia> Sure, but members are assigned bugs.
[13:50] <ogra> persia, ping bdmurray about that, he can help
[13:50] <persia> Sure.  I'll do that.
[13:50] <ogra> NCommander, [action] persia and NCommander to work out new meeting announcement text
[13:51] <ogra> NCommander,  [action] persia to make the bugsquad create a bug overview page for ubuntu-armel
[13:51] <ogra> (though the latter will highly overlap with our team list i think)
[13:52] <ogra> NCommander, add these two actions and close the meeting (then back to bed with you !)
[13:53] <persia> ogra, I expect lots of overlap between Ubuntu ARM and Canonical ARM, which I consider a good thing :)
[13:53] <ogra> persia, you are aware that no other team does such a distinction ?
[13:53] <NCommander> [action] persia to make the bugsquad create a  bug overview page for ubuntu-armel
[13:53] <MootBot> ACTION received:  persia to make the bugsquad create a  bug overview page for ubuntu-armel
[13:53] <NCommander> [action] persia and NCommander to work out new  meeting announcement text
[13:53] <MootBot> ACTION received:  persia and NCommander to work out new  meeting announcement text
[13:53] <NCommander> #endmeeting
[13:53] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 07:53.

Action Items

Weekly Reports

Michael Casadevall (NCommander)

  • Began mono debugging
  • Killed dove images


  • persia to handle namespace renaming
  • persia and NCommander to work out new meeting announcement text
  • persia to make the bugsquad create a bug overview page for ubuntu-armel
  • KDE currently blocked due to toolchain bugs
  • OMAP4 images available
  • NCommander confirm flash-kernel bug on Beagle XM

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