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[15:00] <ogra_> #startmeeting
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[15:00]  * davidm waves
[15:00] <ogra_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Meeting/2011/20110825
[15:00] <ogra_> whistle if you are here
[15:00] <ppisati> fiiiiiiiiiiii
[15:00] <ppisati> :)
[15:00] <ogra_> :)
[15:00]  * NCommander lags
[15:01] <ogra_> do we have persia ?
[15:01]  * ogra_ guesses not
[15:01] <ogra_> hmm, silly bot, the old one just picked up my links
[15:01] <ogra_> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Meeting/2011/20110825
[15:01] <ogra_> or not :P
[15:01] <ogra_> anyway
[15:01] <ogra_> there are no action items from last meeting \o/
[15:02] <ogra_> (how could that ahppen ? )
[15:02] <ogra_> [topic] standing items
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[15:02] <meetingology> TOPIC: standing items
[15:02]  * cmagina waves
[15:02] <janimo> i
[15:02] <janimo> hi
[15:02] <ogra_> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/ubuntu-arm.html
[15:02] <ogra_> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/ubuntu-armel-ubuntu-11.10-beta-1.html
[15:03] <ogra_> pfft, why do i even try :P
[15:03] <ogra_> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/ubuntu-arm-ubuntu-11.10-beta-1.html
[15:03] <ogra_> the latter one was indeed wrong
[15:03] <ogra_> so beta freeze is today
[15:04] <NCommander> poke me for any ffes you may need
[15:04] <ogra_> we need to see that we get all items sorted on the second tracker soon
[15:04] <ogra_> mainly its GrueMaster, jani and me who still have open items
[15:04] <GrueMaster> So of course this means major pool churn until Monday.
[15:05] <ogra_> oh, indeed, even server images might fail the next days :)
[15:05] <NCommander> ugh
[15:05] <infinity> Meh.  It happens.
[15:05] <ogra_> sure
[15:05] <GrueMaster> As to the tracker, the link you posted shows no progress, when 5 of my WI are done.
[15:05] <ogra_> and its expected at such days
[15:05] <NCommander> soneed archive skew fixed
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[15:06] <ogra_> GrueMaster, which one ? note the ubuntu-armel one is obsolete
[15:06] <ogra_> i mis-pasted that one from the wiki
[15:06] <GrueMaster> ah
[15:06] <NCommander> we should probably use statis.u.c
[15:06] <NCommander> er status
[15:06] <ogra_> thats why i pasted an updated version below ;)
[15:06] <ogra_> NCommander, is everything sorted with it ?
[15:06] <ogra_> i thought there were still issues with cross team statuses
[15:07] <NCommander> it ahould be fine
[15:07] <ogra_> well, feel free for next meeting then ;)
[15:07] <ogra_> it surely looks tons better
[15:07] <GrueMaster> Since none of my work items require code checkin, I am just going to keep plugging away.
[15:07] <ogra_> cool
[15:08] <ogra_> GrueMaster, anything we could help you with (apart from finishing our own items indeed)
[15:08] <ogra_> ?
[15:08] <GrueMaster> Some of my WI require work from you, so yes.
[15:08] <ogra_> beyond that ... you still have 8 items, can we share something to idling team members i mean :)
[15:09] <janimo> I took one of GrueMaster's WI which luckily may get solved differently. we'll see
[15:09] <GrueMaster> Also, I found a test suite for ipv6, but it is for FreeBSD and won't compile on Linux in its current form.  mahmoh was going to look at it, but that was a few weeks ago.
[15:09] <ogra_> right, i took two recently, but thats trivial stuff and not closely bound to freezes
[15:10] <cmagina> GrueMaster: could you point me at that test?
[15:10] <davidm> GrueMaster, if need be postpone IVP6 testing as blocked on test porting
[15:10] <GrueMaster> davidm: It is currently marked as blocked.
[15:10] <davidm> GrueMaster, good enough
[15:11] <ogra_> anything else about WIs ?
[15:11] <GrueMaster> cmagina: I'll find the link and shoot it your way.
[15:11] <cmagina> GrueMaster: thanks
[15:11] <ogra_> or can i move to server ?
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[15:11] <ogra_> moving on ...
[15:11] <ogra_> .
[15:11] <ogra_> .
[15:11] <ogra_> .
[15:11] <ogra_> [topic] ARM Server Status (NCommander, Daviey)
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[15:11] <meetingology> TOPIC: ARM Server Status (NCommander, Daviey)
[15:11] <GrueMaster> cmagina: http://www.tahi.org/release/
[15:12] <NCommander> not muchto report on my end
[15:12] <ogra_> NCommander, Daviey ?
[15:13] <ogra_> well, i know Daviey had issues with qemu the last week
[15:13] <ogra_> trying to get cloud images running
[15:14] <ogra_> NCommander, they will likely use omap i guess and might need to learn how to create the vfat (or where to steal a working one that can boot a cloud instance)
[15:14] <NCommander> I am pretty happy with our.progress. there is still some research into openstack that I need to look at
[15:14] <ogra_> since the beagle emulation literally emulates a beagle ... (so you need a partitioned Sd image, not just an img and vmlinuz)
[15:15] <ogra_> i think we need to provide some help here since we know that stuff
[15:15] <ogra_> anything else for server ?
[15:16] <NCommander> yeah thats a headache sinceour preinstalls wont work right
[15:16] <NCommander> nothing else
[15:16] <ogra_> moving on
[15:16] <ogra_> .
[15:16] <ogra_> .
[15:16] <ogra_> .
[15:17] <ogra_> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, ppisati)
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[15:17] <meetingology> TOPIC: Kernel Status (cooloney, ppisati)
[15:17] <ppisati> For every arm flavour but natty/ti-omap4 an update should be on its way out. The updated kernels mainly contain CVEs fix.
[15:17] <ogra_> awesome
[15:17] <ppisati> On the other hand, work continues on lp709245: found a patchset that should enable localtimers even in the nosmp case but it doesn't work out of the box, and i'm debugging it ATM.
[15:17] <ppisati> i might say that now i know why it doesn't work, and IMO it should work at all
[15:18] <ogra_> i was pinged about sound status on omap4, but cant tell much about it atm
[15:18] <ppisati> (in fact the patchset has not been pulled in rmk patch system...)
[15:18] <ogra_> GrueMaster, did you test any sound related stuff recently ?
[15:18] <ppisati> dunno, should ask the TI guy tomorrow
[15:18] <GrueMaster> Not since A3.
[15:18] <ogra_> i'm nmot sure we have all necessary patches in 3.0yet
[15:18] <rsalveti> only thing that's kind of also related with the kernel
[15:19] <rsalveti> we need to get the sound working this time!
[15:19] <rsalveti> :-)
[15:19] <ogra_> ppisati, well, TI was among the ones asking :)
[15:19] <ppisati> ah
[15:19] <ppisati> nice :)
[15:19] <ogra_> rsalveti, please !!!!!!!!!!
[15:19] <ppisati> but, do they get sound working?
[15:19] <ogra_> :)
[15:19] <rsalveti> need to sync with alsa ucm configs and also the kernel
[15:19] <ogra_> dunno, we definitely need to check our sound stack though
[15:19] <ppisati> perhaps iot's just a pulseaudio problem
[15:20] <ogra_> pulse changed and might expect bits from the kernel we dont have atm
[15:20] <ppisati> actually the problem one month ago was that
[15:20] <rsalveti> yeah, should be good to sync with agreen to see if he's planning to merge anything new related with sound
[15:20] <ppisati> when pulseaudio opened some devices and tried some ioctls
[15:20] <ppisati> the devices didn't answer as pulseauydio expected si
[15:20] <ppisati> so
[15:20] <ppisati> instead of sleeping or dying or whatever
[15:21] <ogra_> well, we dont need to work out the fix right now :)
[15:21] <ppisati> he kept triyng to re-open the device and reissue the same ioctls over and over again
[15:21] <ogra_> just everybody keep an ear open for sound stuff :)
[15:21] <rsalveti> yeah
[15:21] <ppisati> result? 100% busy cpu
[15:21] <ogra_> i'll run around and poke people the next week
[15:21] <ppisati> i repeat, perhaps it's a pulseaudio problem
[15:21] <ppisati> can't we kill it? no eh? :)
[15:22] <ogra_> about the ac100 kernel, it seems there are suspend fixes that partially work on some devices .... but seems there was also instability added to the tree since my last checkout for the ubuntu package
[15:22] <ogra_> ppisati, no, we cant, gnome depends on it in some ways
[15:22] <janimo> ogra_, suspend does not work for me with the new marvin kernel
[15:22] <janimo> it is still less than a week old patchset
[15:23] <ppisati> ogra_: i was kidding :)
[15:23] <ogra_> janimo, thats why i said  partially work on some devices :)
[15:23] <ogra_> well, indeed i would like to have the latest and greatest in the archive by release :)
[15:23] <ogra_> anyway, just a short ac100 status
[15:23] <ogra_> anything else for kernel ?
[15:24] <ppisati> not from me
[15:24] <rsalveti> anything for the mx5 one?
[15:24] <rsalveti> or is it working well?
[15:24] <janimo> ogra, we have almost 2 months till release, so we may get that. It is not a critical platfrom so we can still update after the freeze
[15:24] <ogra_> no, we need a metapackage name change
[15:24] <janimo> mx5 indeed needs a new metapackage from jcrigby , ogra should know the new name :)
[15:24] <ogra_> janimo, indeed, its in universe, but i'd like to stick to release schedule if possible
[15:24] <rsalveti> ok, doesn't seems too complicated :-)
[15:24] <ogra_> right
[15:25] <rsalveti> ogra_: can you sync with jcrigby later?
[15:25] <ogra_> needs to be linux-linaro-lt-mx5
[15:25] <ogra_> yup, he pinged me in #uarm already
[15:25] <GrueMaster> The MX image is a little more critical than we give it.  With that image, the kubuntu team can do more testing in-house.  Right now, they rely on me to do release testing.
[15:25] <rsalveti> great :-)
[15:25] <infinity> ogra_: Eh?  The metapackage was named correctly...
[15:25] <infinity> ogra_: Wasn't it?
[15:25] <ogra_> GrueMaster, if it works on the efikas :)
[15:25] <ogra_> infinity, l-b looks for linux-linaro-lt-mx5
[15:26] <infinity> ogra_: Yes... And what's it called now?
[15:26] <ogra_> which is right if -linaro belongs to the flavour
[15:26] <infinity> (it does)
[15:26] <ogra_> linux-image-linaro-lt-mx5
[15:26] <ogra_> there is no actual meta
[15:26] <ogra_> only the linux-image one
[15:26] <infinity> ogra_: Oh, the image one is correct.
[15:26] <infinity> You just mean he's missing the higher level one.
[15:26] <ogra_> right, and the meta is missing
[15:26] <infinity> Fair enough.
[15:27] <ogra_> trivial addition to debian/control
[15:27] <infinity> Yeah.
[15:27] <ogra_> anyway
[15:27] <ogra_> moving on ...
[15:27] <ogra_> .
[15:27] <infinity> Carry on.
[15:27] <ogra_> .
[15:27] <ogra_> .
[15:27] <jcrigby> so ogra just send me an email with addition, ok?
[15:27] <ogra_> [topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, janimo)
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, janimo)
[15:27] <meetingology> TOPIC: ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, janimo)
[15:27] <ogra_> jcrigby, np
[15:27] <janimo> infinity, great job on ocaml transition
[15:28] <janimo> I did a few uploiads and give backs
[15:28] <janimo> and assigned likewise-open to the uploader :)
[15:28] <ogra_> yeah, he spammed my changes inbox like mad
[15:28] <ogra_> lol
[15:28] <ogra_> poor package ... noone loves it
[15:28] <janimo> I thought there's a company behind, not sure why it does not get love
[15:29] <ogra_> btw, is anybody watchiong the rebuild test results ?
[15:29] <NCommander> likewise open breaks ecery cycle and it annoys me to fiz it
[15:29] <GrueMaster> So fix it, don't fiz it.  :P
[15:30] <ogra_> empathy breaks the images btw
[15:30] <infinity> s/empathy/tp-glib/
[15:30] <ogra_> GrueMaster, well, he could fiz it but onyl with some gin
[15:30] <infinity> Which is s/tp-glib/lp-buildd/
[15:30] <ogra_> (i know, really bad pun)
[15:30] <ogra_> did anyone ever look at scribus ?
[15:30] <infinity> I'll look at the lp-buildd bug today and sort out if it's worth my time to keep patching testsuite timeouts or just fix launchpad.
[15:30] <NCommander> .........
[15:31] <ogra_> it seems to sit there forever, or does it just show up over and over ?
[15:31] <infinity> it?
[15:31] <ogra_> scribus
[15:31] <ogra_> i dont look that often at ftbfs anymore but it feels like its on there every time i look
[15:32] <janimo> ogra_, I looked at scribus last cycle and sent a large patch upstream
[15:32] <ogra_> there being http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/
[15:32] <janimo> it may still languish in their trac, and not even apply anymore
[15:32] <ogra_> hmm, and libreoffice is unhappy too it seems
[15:32] <doko> ogra this one is fixed in the queue
[15:32] <NCommander> ugh ..
[15:32] <ogra_> phew
[15:33] <rsalveti> for the rebuild http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20110819-oneiric.html
[15:33] <ogra_> anything else for ftbfs ? doko ? anything to add wrt rebuild ?
[15:33] <janimo> expect more breakage I guess :)
[15:33] <ogra_> ah, ricardo is to fast :)
[15:33] <ogra_> well, if there is nothing else, i'll move on
[15:34] <ogra_> .
[15:34] <ogra_> .
[15:34] <ogra_> .
[15:34] <rsalveti> move
[15:34] <ogra_> [topic] http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/
[15:34] <meetingology> TOPIC: http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/
[15:34] <ogra_> err
[15:34] <ogra_> grrr
[15:34] <doko> ogra_, it would be nice if somebody could file the bug reports for arm ...
[15:34] <ogra_> [topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[15:34] <meetingology> TOPIC: ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[15:34] <ogra_> doko, why not just fix them :)
[15:35] <rsalveti> doko: I'm planning to go over that list, file bugs if needed and put the porting-queue tag
[15:35] <doko> http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20110819-oneiric.html
[15:35] <rsalveti> so we can have more people looking at them during the linaro porting jam
[15:35] <ogra_> good idea
[15:35] <ogra_> k, image status ...
[15:35] <janimo> I think we need to set aside a spec next cycle for doing infrastructure work. It is such a waste to manually handle all these breakages. There may exist half-decent sccripts but they are not widely used
[15:35] <ogra_> janimo did a bunch of work on the mx5 ones :)
[15:36] <janimo> s/bunch of work/bunch of uploads/
[15:36] <ogra_> i spent nearly all week on debian-cd to add fixes, our code was really badly not designed for more than omap actually
[15:36] <doko> ogra_, did the lo one, where is your fix? ;-P
[15:36] <ogra_> heh
[15:37] <janimo> rsalveti, jcrigby want to bring up the issue of uboot+SPL replacing xloader for our images, sooner rather than later
[15:37] <ogra_> our download pages have changed a bit, please take a look at cdimage on the preinstalled images and tell me what still needs changing
[15:37] <janimo> they say new uboot needs pushing in the archive and we need to switch the images over if possible simultaneously
[15:37] <ogra_> ah, right, SPL and u-boot
[15:37] <ogra_> wont be possible i guess
[15:38] <rsalveti> yeah, we switched to spl for 11.08
[15:38] <ogra_> but in a close window will
[15:38] <janimo> but if we expect breakage for a few days anyway they could just go in now :)
[15:38] <rsalveti> quite well tested, working fine
[15:38] <rsalveti> yeah, today is the deadline
[15:38] <ogra_> janimo, if you dont want mx5 images :P
[15:38] <ogra_> i still need a working cdimage/debian cd atm
[15:38] <rsalveti> jcrigby can push the package today, but will break omap 4 images
[15:38] <janimo> well I want them, won't this only possibly break omap targets?
[15:38] <ogra_> omap3 too, no ?
[15:38] <rsalveti> ogra_: not for now
[15:39] <ogra_> ah, k
[15:39] <rsalveti> currently only for omap 4
[15:39] <janimo> I hope our targets are well separated enough so we can break one without the other
[15:39] <ogra_> well, if its only omap4, then go for it, but i'm swamped tomorrow
[15:39] <ogra_> so someone else with antimony access needs to handle that
[15:39] <rsalveti> should be a simple change
[15:39] <ogra_> it wont
[15:39] <rsalveti> why not?
[15:40] <ogra_> its a change that has to happen in multiple places
[15:40] <rsalveti> yeah, true =\
[15:40] <janimo> ogra_, I can look at the omap4 and add a pull request unless infinity or NCommander want to add it. I hope I'll get it right in at most 3 trials
[15:40] <ogra_> starting at d-i, over flash-kernel to debian-cd and cdimage
[15:40] <janimo> shudder
[15:40] <ogra_> there is likely even more duplicated code in other places i dont remember atm
[15:41] <GrueMaster> This close to beta, maybe we should wait until after next week.
[15:41] <ogra_> janimo, yeah, preferably we should have something like flash-kernel-installer thats re-used everywhere
[15:41] <janimo> even debian-cd has uboot referenes?
[15:41] <ogra_> janimo, the boot and post-boot scripts
[15:41] <janimo> oh, I thought that was cdimage
[15:41] <janimo> I keep confusing these two
[15:42] <janimo> rsalveti, is the new uboot package not a drop in replacement for the exising one? What happens if xloader is installed too?
[15:42] <janimo> still I think we can and should do this before beta
[15:42] <janimo> I can look at the uboot/omap4 thing
[15:42] <rsalveti> janimo: it's fine to install both at the rootfs
[15:42] <ogra_> well, skaet, around ?
[15:43] <ogra_> any opinion ?
[15:43] <rsalveti> you just need to copy the right MLO for the first partition
[15:43] <skaet> ogra_, yup
[15:43] <ogra_> wer will likely need a good bunch of freeze exceptions for that
[15:43] <janimo> rsalveti, ah, because xloader cannot load new uboot?
[15:43] <NCommander> I also agree with before beta so wr can maximize testing
[15:43] <rsalveti> janimo: no :-(
[15:43] <janimo> NCommander, says he approves FFes so we're fine
[15:44] <janimo> rsalveti, that's ok. As long as we know it
[15:44] <janimo> :)
[15:44] <rsalveti> janimo: :-)
[15:44] <NCommander> fiine the bug and I will.ack
[15:44] <NCommander> file even
[15:44] <ogra_> he will only fiine it if you then fiz it :P
[15:45] <ogra_> k, lets unleash GrueMaster  ....
[15:45] <ogra_> moving on
[15:45] <NCommander> :-p
[15:45] <ogra_> .
[15:45] <ogra_> .
[15:45] <ogra_> .
[15:45] <ogra_> [topic] QA GrueMaster mahmoh
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: QA GrueMaster mahmoh
[15:45] <meetingology> TOPIC: QA GrueMaster mahmoh
[15:45]  * GrueMaster ... unleashed.
[15:46] <GrueMaster> Currently, I am stuck on iSCSI implementation.  Trying to reproduce on x86.
[15:46] <GrueMaster> Will set it aside today, so I can get other things working (clusterFS, LAVA, etc).
[15:47] <GrueMaster> Bug #806751 still hounds me, even though others seem to think it is invalid.
[15:47] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 806751 in debian-installer (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Boot partition on SD is too small on omap/omap4" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/806751
[15:48] <GrueMaster> Until it is fixed, I can not use the boot.img-[serial|fat] images, and netboot has to be very manual (format partition, copy files manually).
[15:48] <ogra_> to be honest i dont get why its invalid
[15:49] <ogra_> dont we have a rule that invalid bugs need a comment when invalidated ?
[15:49] <GrueMaster> I don't either.  But every time I hit it and refile, it gets marked invalid and disappears.
[15:49] <GrueMaster> Yes.
[15:49] <ogra_> davidm, ^^^ you set it to invalid, why did  you ?
[15:50] <NCommander> its incalid because the partitiooner ahohld be recreating the vfat blob. I havent had an opportunity to properly fix it
[15:50] <ogra_> and then it gets invalidated ?
[15:51] <GrueMaster> If it isn't fixed, it isn't invalid.  Fix it and mark the bug "Fix Released".
[15:51]  * ogra_ doesnt get that ... its simply not fixed, leave it alone if you dont find the time, but dont inavliadte it
[15:51] <NCommander> ugh Ineed a new keyboard
[15:51] <ogra_> same here, though i'm sitting in the garden, balancing the ac100 on a knee ... :)
[15:51] <NCommander> no the.bug.is guided partitioning doesnt work which.is filed
[15:51] <davidm> NCommander, said it was invalid, if it's not then lets set it correctly and contiue but fix it this week
[15:51] <GrueMaster> If the bug needs to point to a different package, let me know.  I can reassign appropriately.
[15:52] <ogra_> NCommander, then its a duplicate
[15:52] <ogra_> so it should be duplicated
[15:52] <ogra_> not invalidated
[15:52] <NCommander> no its a non issue. it should be set to wont fix
[15:52] <ogra_> guided is the default on server too, right ?
[15:52] <NCommander> yes
[15:52] <ogra_> then thats even high
[15:53] <ogra_> (critical in arm only POV)
[15:53] <NCommander> and there is a seperate bug on itvwhich os high
[15:53] <ogra_> why should it be wontfix if its actually a different issue you can duplicate to ?
[15:53] <ogra_> just add a duplicate and be done :)
[15:54] <NCommander> fine. change it. its not worse the arguement
[15:54] <NCommander> worth
[15:54] <ogra_> else you have tobin opening it over and over, getting annoyed every time
[15:54] <GrueMaster> The bug should only be invalid if it is inappropriately assigned to the wrong package, like if I had assigned it to pulseaudio.
[15:54] <ogra_> whats the master bug # ?
[15:54] <ogra_> anyway, lest move, time runs out and i have an AOB bit
[15:54] <NCommander> lp on this link is a bad idea. action me tovdupe it
[15:54] <ogra_> moving on ...
[15:55] <ogra_> .
[15:55] <ogra_> .
[15:55] <ogra_> .
[15:55] <ogra_> [topic] AOB
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: AOB
[15:55] <meetingology> TOPIC: AOB
[15:55] <skaet> just a reminder we'll be entering beta freeze at 2100 UTC
[15:55] <infinity> (in 5 hours)
[15:55] <ogra_> [action] NCommander to duplicate 806751 to the right masterbug
[15:55] <meetingology> ACTION: NCommander to duplicate 806751 to the right masterbug
[15:55] <GrueMaster> So sayeth the master of all.
[15:56] <GrueMaster> (referring to skaet).
[15:56] <ogra_> yeah, get your stuff in everyone (me included) !!!!
[15:56] <skaet> yes please.
[15:56] <ogra_> so, i'm using unity-2d on arm every day, recently we switched to unityö-greeter on lightdm, that results in UI response times of 1-2sec for a keystroke etc
[15:57] <ogra_> i talked to seb about that today and he sees no issue with that, people should have more powerful HW if they use unity-greeter
[15:57] <GrueMaster> wow.  Such a non-answer.
[15:57] <ogra_> so i think we need to test that a bit deeper, my only experience is on ac100 where the UI is totally unusable
[15:58] <ogra_> his suggestion was to use the gtk greeter instead on all arm images
[15:58] <infinity> If that's the default, that answer doesn't work even for x86...
[15:58] <ogra_> i was referring to vesa ...
[15:58] <GrueMaster> I'll try to get some desktop testing in today or tomorrow.
[15:58] <ogra_> as well as to framebuffer
[15:58] <ogra_> good
[15:58] <GrueMaster> I can test it in an x86 VM.
[15:58] <ogra_> if we need to do anything about it, we should know as early as possible
[15:59] <ogra_> i was just very surprised about that attitude ...
[15:59] <ogra_> thats all from me
[15:59] <ogra_> anything else for AOB
[15:59] <ogra_> ?
[15:59] <infinity> jcrigby: It would take me as long to write a patch as to just upload linux-meta-whatever.  Mind if I just upload the mx5 meta fix, and you can pick it up from the archive? :)
[15:59] <janimo> reminds me of the good old days of gnome needing lots of RAM and saying those library dependencies are just fine
[15:59] <ogra_> hehe
[15:59] <ogra_> yeah
[15:59] <janimo> then the whole mobile craze made that suddenly an issue for them too
[16:00] <ogra_> k, doesnt seem like there is anything else
[16:00] <ogra_> closing
[16:00] <ogra_> going once
[16:00] <ogra_> going twice
[16:00] <ogra_> sold to the woman with the whip
[16:00] <ogra_> #ednmeeting

Action Items

  • NCommander to duplicate 806751 to the right masterbug

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