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[14:59] <NCommander> #startmeeting
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[15:00] <NCommander> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Meeting/2011/20111201
[15:01] <NCommander> so who's here?
[15:01] <ogra_> o/
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[15:01]  * GrueMaster is self-caffinating.
[15:02] <NCommander> ok, I think we have enough people
[15:03] <NCommander> We have no action items from last meeting, so
[15:03] <NCommander> [topic] Standing Items
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[15:03] <NCommander> #link http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/ubuntu-arm.html
[15:03] <ogra_> just because you didnt note them down :P
[15:03] <ogra_> i was supposed to get the Wi tracker filled :)
[15:03] <ogra_> if anyone is missing a spec he works on, please let me know
[15:04] <infinity> I probably need to go through all mine and make them sane.
[15:04] <NCommander> ogra_: oh d'oh. I  grepped for #action in the log but I used [action] >.<;
[15:04] <infinity> I've been too busy working to work.
[15:04] <NCommander> I need to be consistent or my greps break
[15:04] <ogra_> well, at least make sure they are targeted for precise and approved
[15:04] <ogra_> (thats for everyone, to have your spec show up these two need to be true)
[15:05] <ogra_> and it helps if they have an owner ... i think there is one jani spec that doesnt yet
[15:05] <ogra_> (i'll talk to him when he is around)
[15:05] <ogra_> NCommander, move
[15:05] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Server Status (NCommander, Daviey)
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[15:06] <NCommander> Not muchto say here
[15:06] <NCommander> so
[15:06] <NCommander> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, ppisati)
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[15:07] <ogra_> paolo is moving and not online until monday
[15:07] <ogra_> afaik he spammed GrueMaster with some SRU kernels though :)
[15:07] <ogra_> cooloney was working on an internal project for me so i doubt he would have much to report
[15:07] <GrueMaster> Only SRU kernel I currently have is for Oneiric omap4.  Finished testing yesterday.
[15:08] <GrueMaster> I also tested a slew of test kernels for bug 861296.
[15:08] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 861296 in linux (Ubuntu) "mmap fails to allocate 2030Mb heap on ARM" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/861296
[15:08] <GrueMaster> It should make the next SRU release.
[15:10] <ogra_> well, its mainly important for the buildds
[15:10] <GrueMaster> yes.
[15:11] <NCommander> #optic ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, janimo)
[15:11] <NCommander> #topic ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, janimo)
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[15:11] <NCommander> helps if I spell it right
[15:11] <jhobbs> what is FTBFS
[15:11] <NCommander> jhobbs: Failure to Build from Source
[15:12] <infinity> jhobbs: Failure To Build From Source.
[15:12] <jhobbs> thanks
[15:12] <ogra_> well, we should all help on armhf currently
[15:12] <infinity> And with a new port online, I'd like to encourage everyone to look at the armhf FTBFS lists and go to town.
[15:12] <ogra_> just grab a failed build
[15:13] <infinity> (There will be a mass-give-back in a couple of hours, so... After that) :P
[15:13] <ogra_> http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/primary-precise-armhf.html
[15:13] <ogra_> there is the overview
[15:13] <jhobbs> thanks, i was about to ask for that =)
[15:14] <ogra_> how about the "normal" ftbfs ... NCommander anything noticeable ?
[15:14] <NCommander> jhobbs: feel free to poke any of us in #ubuntu-arm if you need help with FTBFS fixing
[15:14] <NCommander> ogra_: I haven't reviewed the list extensively since last week
[15:16]  * ogra_ neither, i was watching hf all the time
[15:16] <ogra_> ruby needs some love there
[15:17] <ogra_> on the non hf
[15:17] <ogra_> and ooooh surprise !!!
[15:17] <ogra_> telepathy-glib
[15:17] <ogra_> :P
[15:17] <NCommander> if anyone says mono, I'm jumping off the tallest building I can find
[15:18] <ogra_> mono is over and out :P
[15:18] <GrueMaster> I think doko pinged us about ruby a few days ago in #ubuntu-arm.
[15:18] <ogra_> for hf i thought
[15:18] <infinity> mono has a few more testsuite failures on armhf than it does on armel, otherwise fine.
[15:18] <ogra_> where it has a timeout
[15:18]  * GrueMaster shouts "MONO LIVES"
[15:18] <ogra_> lol
[15:18] <infinity> ruby is suffering testsuite timeouts, yeah.
[15:18] <infinity> We'll have to poke at that.
[15:19] <infinity> I'm told it might be a kernel bug. :/
[15:19] <infinity> Related to the test timeouts I saw with python and perl (transiently, apparently) as well.
[15:19] <ogra_> well, is that true for non hf ?
[15:20] <infinity> Sometimes, maybe.
[15:20] <ogra_> ah, yeah
[15:20] <infinity> It's a bit vague.
[15:20] <ogra_> it is
[15:20] <ogra_> same error message in the log
[15:20] <ogra_> well, lets move
[15:21] <ogra_> NCommander, ...
[15:21] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Hardfloat status (infinity)
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[15:21] <ogra_> it builds !!!
[15:21] <ogra_> (some packages at least)
[15:21] <GrueMaster> How close are we to getting armhf images?  I would imagine core would be first.
[15:21] <ogra_> i have also added info about it to the A1 announcement
[15:22] <ogra_> GrueMaster, a week or two for core i would guess
[15:22] <infinity> Core could be only a few days away, depending on effort put in.
[15:22] <infinity> And luck.
[15:22] <infinity> Other images, dunno.
[15:22] <ogra_> yeah, others will take lots of time i would guess
[15:22] <infinity> We have two toolchain bugs we're still fixing, but other than that, it's just a lot of grunt work and CPU time.
[15:23] <GrueMaster> Need kernel support, I would assume?
[15:23] <ogra_> not in A2 timeframe i bet
[15:23] <infinity> kernels would be nice.
[15:23] <ogra_> according to kernel team they are uploaded
[15:23] <infinity> ogra_: Kernel team only does omap.
[15:23] <ogra_> omap4 too
[15:23] <ogra_> paolo ...
[15:24] <ogra_> i talked to jani, he is aware that we should get ac100 onto hf as well
[15:24] <ogra_> not sure what to do for mx5
[15:24] <infinity> Yeah, there's been no linux-ti-omap4 upload yet.
[15:24] <infinity> jcrigby would be the man to bug about mx5.
[15:24] <infinity> Anyhow.  We'll sort it.
[15:24] <ogra_> yep
[15:25] <GrueMaster> We are still running the Oneiric omap4 kernel.  Should be resolved next week though.
[15:25] <infinity> Kernels don't do us much good just yet anyway.  If they land in a week or so, I'm happy.
[15:25] <ogra_> GrueMaster, hopefully soon, we need 4460 fixes
[15:26] <ogra_> NCommander, move ?
[15:26] <NCommander> ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[15:26] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
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[15:26] <ogra_> we have A1's !!
[15:27] <ogra_> apart from the omap network issue seems they look all good
[15:27] <ogra_> *really* good given its A1
[15:27] <ogra_> kudos to GrueMaster for the test effort !!!
[15:27] <ogra_> awesome work
[15:27] <GrueMaster> heh
[15:27] <NCommander> +1 GrueMaster
[15:27] <ogra_> nothing else from me
[15:28] <GrueMaster> The images oddly are not much different from Oneiric.
[15:28] <ogra_> yeah
[15:28] <infinity> Good. :P
[15:28] <ogra_> we didnt change a thing but general package updates
[15:28] <ogra_> NCommander, move
[15:29] <NCommander> [topic] QA Status (GrueMaster, mahmoh)
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[15:29] <GrueMaster> On the daily image build issue, I only show 1 fewer on armel vs x86 since the opening of P
[15:29] <GrueMaster> sigh.
[15:29] <NCommander> ?
[15:29] <GrueMaster> Automation work on SRU testing is going strong.  Lot of fixes to the wrt test suite.
[15:29] <infinity> This is an upsetting statistic?
[15:29] <NCommander> GrueMaster: seems the archive skew patch is doing its job
[15:30] <NCommander> Archive skew though isn't the only reason images may fail to exist, just the most common
[15:30] <GrueMaster> s/wrt/qrt
[15:30] <ogra_> yeah
[15:30] <ogra_> pretty well it seems
[15:30] <NCommander> #chair ogra
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[15:30] <meetingology> Current chairs: NCommander ogra
[15:30] <NCommander> #chair ogra_
[15:30] <meetingology> Current chairs: NCommander ogra ogra_
[15:31] <GrueMaster> With NCommander's help, I can now automate Natty installs for SRU testing.  Once we have Maverick, I can automate 90% of the SRU process.
[15:31] <NCommander> brb
[15:31] <ogra_> awesome !!!
[15:32] <NCommander> back, sorry about that
[15:32] <GrueMaster> Still running into issues with the qrt tests.  For every 3 fixes to make them work on arm, a new "feature" gets added that breaks.
[15:32] <ogra_> fun
[15:32] <GrueMaster> Which means I need to review and figure out why they broke.
[15:33] <NCommander> I'm working on cooking the maverick voodoo now
[15:33] <ogra_> move ?
[15:33] <GrueMaster> I would like to propose that going forward, we enable netinstall for all supported platforms, as it will greatly help in future SRU testing efforts.
[15:34] <NCommander> #topic Linaro Updates (rsalveti)
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[15:34]  * rsalveti waves
[15:34] <rsalveti> our planning for the 11.12 is done already!
[15:34] <NCommander> GrueMaster: we almost always do, omap was an exception to that rule (I always do enablement with netboot images, but the omap4 booting from SD card pre-empted that design at first)
[15:34] <rsalveti> https://launchpad.net/linaro-dev-platform/+milestone/11.12
[15:34] <rsalveti> please have a look at the blueprints we have
[15:34] <rsalveti> and subscribe if you want to be updated about the progress
[15:35] <rsalveti> the u-boot related ones are the most interesting for the images I believe
[15:35] <NCommander> rsalveti: is there a status.linaro.org page or something?
[15:35] <rsalveti> we'll try to enable SPL for omap 3 and also try to have only one SPL that would work for omap 3 and 4
[15:35] <rsalveti> NCommander: yes, but still need some rework
[15:35] <ogra_> rsalveti, is the settop box stuff being worked on with the #ubuntu-tv team ?
[15:35] <rsalveti> because we changed our process a little bit
[15:36] <rsalveti> ogra_: not yet I believe, something we need to discuss with them
[15:36] <rsalveti> don't know if they are interested on xmbc for now
[15:36] <rsalveti> or if they want to create a different solution
[15:36] <ogra_> well, they are working on UI elements on top of the player SW
[15:36] <rsalveti> what we're trying to do is to enable the needed patches to make it working fine wiht omap 4
[15:36] <rsalveti> like, making it to work with glesv2 and gstreamer
[15:37] <rsalveti> ogra_: oh, ok, so will sync with them
[15:37] <ogra_> i.e. unity adjustments to run on top of a running stream/tv show etc
[15:37] <rsalveti> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/push-multiarch-changes-for-cross-precise
[15:37] <rsalveti> this is also going to affect precise
[15:37] <ogra_> thats the one smagoun is intrested in, right =
[15:37] <ogra_> ?`
[15:37] <rsalveti> and hopefully firefox will be cross-buildable at precise at the end of the month
[15:38] <rsalveti> ogra_: yes
[15:38] <rsalveti> ogra_: but the other one that smagoun created is still to be approved it seems
[15:38] <rsalveti> let me try to find it
[15:38] <ogra_> not sure who has to do that
[15:39] <rsalveti> maybe foundations?
[15:39] <ogra_> might be
[15:39] <ogra_> wasnt that cross live-build stuff ?
[15:39] <rsalveti> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-arm-p-cross-compilable-packages
[15:39] <ogra_> ah
[15:39] <rsalveti> this is the one related with cross build enablement
[15:40] <ogra_> well, if yours gets implemented i dont see a reason to have an ubuntu one as well
[15:40] <rsalveti> sure, but ours is more related with firefox atm
[15:40] <ogra_> effectively they will implement the same
[15:40] <rsalveti> this was related with ubuntu-core and a few other packages
[15:40] <ogra_> right
[15:40] <rsalveti> I was just worried that this is not yet approved
[15:40] <rsalveti> and don't know who is responsible for it at the ubuntu side
[15:40] <ogra_> well, we wont have resources i bet ...
[15:41] <rsalveti> something to check with smagoun
[15:41] <ogra_> once there are hf images etc we will get very very busy
[15:41] <ogra_> yup
[15:41] <rsalveti> ogra_: yeah
[15:41] <rsalveti> another one that we just need to be approved is the libjpeg-turbo one
[15:41] <rsalveti> let me find the link
[15:41] <ogra_> though server is currently on halt ... probably NCommander is bored enough to look at this spec :)
[15:41] <ogra_> why does that need a spec ?
[15:41] <rsalveti> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/replace-libjpeg-by-libjpeg-turbo
[15:42] <ogra_> i thought thats just a transition and already approved
[15:42] <rsalveti> ogra_: kate request this blueprint to be created
[15:42] <ogra_> k
[15:42] <rsalveti> tom gall is working on it
[15:42] <ogra_> yep
[15:42]  * NCommander wimpers
[15:42] <rsalveti> but she also wanted a bp to track the work
[15:42] <fabo> ogra_: it ins't approved yet
[15:42] <rsalveti> davidm: can you approve this blueprint?
[15:42] <ogra_> tell him to ping me if he needs sponsoring
[15:42] <rsalveti> ogra_: sure
[15:42] <infinity> ogra_: It's already well underway with Foundations.
[15:43] <infinity> ogra_: Including much back and forth review and critique.
[15:43] <ogra_> yeah, thoght so
[15:43] <rsalveti> guess this is just to track the work
[15:43] <ogra_> so probably foundations should own it
[15:43] <rsalveti> so it can be part of status and so on
[15:43] <ogra_> doesnt really seem arm related given we will switch for all arches
[15:43] <rsalveti> yeah, fair enough
[15:43] <rsalveti> so will check the other with smagoun and this with foundations
[15:44] <rsalveti> guess that's all form my side then
[15:44] <rsalveti> any question?
[15:44] <ogra_> any heavy u-boot breakage we need to be prepared for ?
[15:44] <rsalveti> ogra_: not atm
[15:44] <ogra_> apart from changing the build scripts for new MLO
[15:44] <ogra_> great !
[15:45] <rsalveti> ogra_: once we have a newer version or a big change, we'll let you know about it
[15:45] <ogra_> oh
[15:45] <ogra_> rsalveti, have you seen the hf discussion above ?
[15:45] <NCommander> thanks rsalveti
[15:45] <ogra_> we will need hf as target arch in mx5
[15:45] <ogra_> since linaro maintains that kernel
[15:45] <rsalveti> ogra_: sure
[15:45] <ogra_> i guess you want a bug ?
[15:45] <rsalveti> ogra_: we just need to know when we'll be able to push the package
[15:46] <ogra_> now :)
[15:46] <infinity> rsalveti: Yesterday.
[15:46] <ogra_> or tomorrow
[15:46] <rsalveti> ogra_: great
[15:46] <ogra_> or so :)
[15:46] <rsalveti> so are we able to bootstrap armhf already?
[15:46] <ogra_> no hurry, but it should happen at some point
[15:46] <infinity> Almost.
[15:46] <NCommander> rsalveti: we have it building in LP
[15:46] <rsalveti> last I saw infinity was still fighting with it
[15:46] <ogra_> rsalveti, we're building already
[15:47] <rsalveti> great then, will talk with jcrigby then
[15:47] <rsalveti> thanks for the heads up
[15:47] <infinity> --variant=minbase should work in about an hour. :P
[15:47] <infinity> (And I'll have core images building tonight)
[15:47] <rsalveti> infinity: :-)
[15:47] <infinity> GrueMaster: --^
[15:47] <GrueMaster> Yea.
[15:47] <NCommander> go infinity go
[15:47] <ogra_> http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/primary-precise-armhf.html
[15:47] <ogra_> rsalveti, ^^
[15:48] <rsalveti> ogra_: thanks
[15:48] <infinity> Okay, maybe in two hours.
[15:48] <ogra_> NCommander, move
[15:48] <infinity> I'll just settle for "tonight". ;)
[15:48]  * ogra_ translates "tonight -> monday" :P
[15:49] <rsalveti> monday is still fine ;-)
[15:49] <ogra_> infinite optimism ... ;)
[15:49] <ogra_> ... from infinity
[15:49] <NCommander> #topic AOB
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: AOB
[15:50]  * ogra_ has nothing
[15:50]  * NCommander also has nothing
[15:50] <ogra_> anyone ?
[15:50] <NCommander> going once
[15:50] <NCommander> twice
[15:51] <NCommander> three times
[15:51] <NCommander> #endemeeting
[15:51] <ogra_> heh
[15:51] <ogra_> try again
[15:51] <ogra_> #endmeeting

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