Ubuntu 14.04 installation instructions for X-Gene™ X-C1™ (Merlin) Server Development Platform

Before You Begin

You will need the following:

  1. X-C1™ Server Development Platform

  2. Serial console access
  3. DHCP set up to provide Internet access (to access the Ubuntu package archive)
  4. A TFTP Server accessible from the system

  5. Boards should have following firmware components :

    • UEFI version: TianoCore 3.06.08-rc or newer

    • BMC Firmware : 4.21 or newer

  6. NOTE: It is very important to ensure that systems are running with above recommended firmware levels for Ubuntu installation to work. Please contact your Applied Micro representative if you are unable to confirm or need help upgrading to the recommended firmware versions.

Ubuntu 14.04 Installation Instructions

Since X-C1 SDP's are UEFI based, they can be installed using the same instructions as a typical UEFI server. Please refer to ARM/Server/Install/UEFI-ARM for further details, with the one caveat that the 14.04 installer can be found here, otherwise the instructions are the same.

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