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About me

I've been a debian gnu/linux user since December 1999. I have been a xfce user since mid 2004 and found my way to Xubuntu because of its ease of desktop use in July 2006.

I am currently working on my Computer Science undergraduate degree and plan to get a masters degree in Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering. My main goal within the Ubuntu community is to become a core developer of Xubuntu as soon as I feel comfortable with my programming experience with large projects to do so.

Skill Set

I can program in Python, Java, C, C++, and Ada83 fluently. I know Intel-x86 and MIPS assembly but prefer to not ever code in either. I'm always looking to improve on the aforementioned (high level) languages.

Proficient with debian(s) server administration (in an array of implementations) and general (desktop) use.

Other distros that I have experience with include RedHat (legacy releases), SuSE, Knoppix/DSL, Slackware, YellowDog, Gentoo,and a few other small utility distros.

My Contributions

Team Membership

Support & Bug Triage

  • Tech support on #xubuntu on
  • Regular resident of the xubuntu-users mailing list
  • Thunar bug tracker
  • Bug reporter on Launchpad during development cycles.


  • Contributor to Xubuntu Wiki pages (Xubuntu/*)

Community, Advocacy, & Marketing

  • Local advocacy at school and in the community (Public speaking, posters, word of mouth, etc.)
  • Regular contributor to xubuntu-users mailing list.

  • Participant of Xubuntu session (Q&A Session) in Ubuntu Open Week event.


Plans & Goals

I hope to continue to improve open source as a whole by developing custom applications, patching and packaging, giving support on irc support channels, writing wiki pages and documentation, and so much more.

Some things I'd like to accomplish in the future include:

  • Making day-to-day desktop operations easy and fully functional in comparison to other popular operating systems (*coughs*Windows*coughs*) and then some.
  • Developing the open source community.
  • Contributing upstream to open source as a whole.
  • Continuing maintenance and development of Xubuntu wiki pages and website.
  • Developing custom solutions and contributing to upstream applications to help make the open source desktop well rounded.

  • And so much much more...

--Wiki Template thanks to CodySomerville (Sorry Cody for stealing a couple things, I couldn't word them better myself :P)

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