1. Adnane Belmadiaf Name

Adnane Belmadiaf Location

Morocco eMail

adnane002 AT gmail DOT com Launchpad Profile

Adnane Belmadiaf IRC

daker on freenode Linux User

#505405 Registered Ubuntu User


2. About me

My name is Adnane Belmadiaf. I'm a Web developer from Salé, Morocco. I've started using Ubuntu from Feisty Fawn with Dual Boot, then i totally switched to Ubuntu with the Jaunty Jackalope. I am involved in different projects in the Ubuntu community.

3. IRC channels

You can find me on Freenode on the following channels

  • Ubuntu #ubuntu-ma (Ubuntu Moroccan users)
    Ubuntu #ubuntu-locoteams
    Ubuntu #ubuntu-manual (Ubuntu Manual)
    Ubuntu #ubuntu-website (Ubuntu Website)

4. Contributions

4.1. The Ubuntu Manual Project

I am the developer & the maintainer of the Ubuntu Manual Website (on Launchpad) , Ubuntu Manual Planet (on Launchpad).

4.2. Operation Cleansweep Countdown

I helped the Ubuntu Reviewers Team to design a countdown widget that help to view the progress of the Operation Cleansweep (See an example).

4.3. Loco Directory

I work as a Loco Directory hacker, i implemented (and still implementing) new features (such as the photo feeds from picasa, flickr & in both Global events and Teams profiles) & fixing bugs (on Launchpad).

4.4. Loco Directory API Wrappers

I started this project with mhall119, so basically it aims to provide wrappers to the Loco Directory API in several programming languages (on Launchpad).

4.5. Ubuntu Server Map

I worked with Ahmed Kamal from the Canonical Community Team on implementing a theme with the new Brand for the Ubuntu Server Map (on Launchpad).

4.6. Ubuntu Cloud Portal

During the last few months I have working with Ahmed Kamal on creating on new portal for the Ubuntu Cloud community, now the portal is ready and waiting to be deployed.

4.7. Others

5. Plans

6. Testimonials for the Ubuntu Membership

  • Adnane is a valuable member of the Ubuntu Moroccan team. He is always willing to help people with any problems that they might be experiencing. Adnane is devoted to contributing to the Ubuntu community. He has my support for Ubuntu membership. Hassan El Jacifi 2010-07-12 15:07(UTC+0200)

  • Adnane did a great job on designing and putting together: -- dholbach 2010-07-19 12:15:35

  • Adnane single-handedly revamped the Ubuntu-manual site and did a great job on designing the ubuntu-reviewers progressbar. -- vish

  • I've worked with Adnane in the LoCo Directory Project for several months now. His enthusiasm is unmatched, and he has delivered several key pieces of functionality that have greatly improved the user experience of the LoCo Directory. I expect to continue seeing his contributions to this as well as the Ubuntu Website templates going forward. I fully support him for Ubuntu Membership. -- mhall119 2010-09-27 15:37:50

  • Adnane has done a lot of great work on the LoCo Directory adding many new features as well as assisting in fixing bugs. Adnane has been added to the development team allowing him to review others code and commit directly to trunk. chrisjohnston -- chrisjohnston 2010-12-24 14:31:25

  • Adnane has been very helpful whenever I wanted help from a dev on summit or LD. He worked to create us the beautiful tracker for the Ubuntu Reviewers Progress bar. Totally +1 for him being an Ubuntu member -- nigelbabu 2011-01-04 17:52:09

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