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Ubuntu user, advocate, translator and askubuntu member

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Amith KK


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amithkumaran at PGP Key


About Me


I'm a 14 year old Ubuntu User, Contributor and a FOSS Supporter living in Bangalore, india. a member of AskUbuntu. Spreading ubuntu and also giving technical support to my friends and neighbours since 2009.I am currently studying in 9th standard. I'm also an editor on the 2buntu Blog and a member of freyja-dev.

My contributions to Ubuntu

Notable contributions

Other contributions

My Plans For Ubuntu

  • I aim to make AskUbuntu a better place

  • I help my friends get onto ubuntu by keeping a set or two of Ubuntu and Lubuntu CD's


You can easily contact me through email. Or, if you prefer transparency in the communication, I am open for contact on Google + and Twitter.

I am also very active in the Ask Ubuntu chat room and you can catch me there if you like.

And, I lurk in the following IRC channels. Feel free to ping me in any of the channels if it is on-topic in that respective channel.

  • #2buntu
  • #freyja-dev
  • #ubuntu-devel
  • #ubuntu-motu
  • #ubuntu-power-users
  • #ubuntu-translators
  • #ubuntu-unity

Testimonial thingies

Amith KK is one of the most stunning young contributor in Ask Ubuntu and Unity Tweak Tool. He seriously has a talent in programming and answering questions, where I can only do more easier tasks like ISO Testing... I probably should nominate him for not only Ubuntu membership but for Ubuntu Youth Council too:) -- smartboyhw

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