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Basic information

Name: Howard Chan

Location: Hong Kong SAR, China

Age: 15

Launchpad profile:

IRC: smartboyhw on

Email: (ask me on IRC)

Status: Ubuntu Studio Release Manager, Kubuntu member and Ninja, Ubuntu member.

About me

Hi everyone. I am Howard Chan from Hong Kong, a dedicated Ubuntu enthusiastic.

I actually was a Windows user till March 2012, when I decided that using Windows 8 won't do any good. Hence I allowed myself into the embrace of the Ubuntu community.

Professionally (not quite so)

I'm a Secondary 3 student, so don't expect too technical items from me. I do know a bit of Java (from Android development), C++, C and Visual Basic.

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is smartboyhw. I usually use IRC as my medium of commmunication with community members. I am usually present in the following channels:

Ubuntu #ubuntuforums

Ubuntu #ubuntu-beginners

Ubuntu #ubuntu-accomplishments

Ubuntu #ubuntu-meeting

Ubuntu #ubuntu-quality

Ubuntu #ubuntustudio

Ubuntu #ubuntustudio-devel

Ubuntu #kubuntu-devel

Ubuntu #kubuntu

Ubuntu #xubuntu-devel

Ubuntu #ubuntu-release

Ubuntu #edubuntu

Please feel free to say hello.

QA Team

As a student I do want to help the Ubuntu community, so on June 2012 I joined the Ubuntu Community Quality Assurance Team, just before Ubuntu 12.04.1 was released. It was my perfect team since it doesn't require any programming and can still help Ubuntu in a very solid way. Thanks to Nicholas Skaggs (balloons), Phill Whiteside (phillw) and Janne Jokitalo (astraljava), I got involved in it quite quickly.

My participation was quickly acknowledged when I joined the Ubuntu Testcase Admins Team in August 2012. I had written a ISO testcase for Ubuntu Studio, and also will be writing a testcase for the Transmission BitTorrent client.

I have held a session about the QA Team in Ubuntu Open Week and also held an session about testing ISO builds one day before 12.04.2 release (13-02-2013).

Ubuntu Studio

I joined the Ubuntu Studio team in August 2012, since I got interested in multimedia production (Note: Although Ubuntu Studio mainly focuses on audio more, I do video). I mainly helped in the testing effort, testing the amd64 ISOs which are lack of testers. I also helped in developing documentation. I am now a member of the PR team (mainly responsible for testing annoucements), and also working on a testing documentation for Ubuntu Studio.

On 30th March 2013 I was appointed as Release Manager for Ubuntu Studio and was added as a member of the Ubuntu Studio Development Team. I am currently responsible for trakcing milestone-targetted bugs, getting testing calls out, doing release marking and announcements and such.

Ubuntu Accomplishments

I also helped in Ubuntu Accomplishments team, where I have written two testcases ("Testcase Admins" and "First bug fixed"). I also helped fix some small bugs. I am now working on adding keywords to accomplishments.

Xfce translations

One of my long-term goals is to introduce Chinese (Hong Kong) translations to F/OSS software. Henceforth, I created the Xfce Chinese (Hong Kong translation team in Xfce Transifex. I will be working to put translations into Xfce in this year (2013).


To get a kickstart in Ubuntu development, I joined the Kubuntu team as a packager. I am now a Kubuntu ninja and helped package applications such as calligra and rekonq into the Ubuntu repos. Also I helped to test ISOs.

On 13th September, 2013, I successfully applied for Kubuntu Developer.

Actual packages:

amarok 2.8.0 digikam 3.1.0, 3.3.0 ibus-cangjie fixes + SRU homerun 0.2.1, 0.2.2 calligra 2.6.0, 2.6.1 (+ l10n), 2.6.2 (+l10n), 2.6.3 (+l10n), 2.7.2 (+l10n) kscreen 1.0.1 rekonq 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 2.3.2 simon 2.0.1 networkmanagement 0.9.0 libkgapi 2.0.1 libkfbapi 1.0 kde-gtk-config 3:2.1.1 rt-tests 0.85 nootka 0.8.60~beta1 kde-telepathy 0.6.3 plasma-mediacenter 1.0.95, 1.0.90, libktorrent 1.3.1 (+ request sync from Debian experimental for ktorrent) Request sync for skrooge 1.6


On 20th February, 2013 I was voted by the Ubuntu 1200 UTC Membership board to become a Ubuntu member. 20 days later (10th March, 2013) I was voted by the Kubuntu Council to become a Kubuntu member.

Objectives for 2013-2014

Ubuntu Help to test ISOs and writing test cases.

Ubuntu Hopefully I can also help translating Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Continue to contribute to Ubuntu Studio in testing.

Ubuntu Introduce Chinese (Hong Kong) translations to software.

Ubuntu Help in Ubuntu Accomplishments.

Ubuntu Help package KDE SC and Kubuntu apps.


For Ubuntu membership applications:

smartboyhw got the right answer more quickly than I did. You should expect high quality work from this person! kanliot

smartboyhw is always interested in trying something new, and tries to help where he can. Seems to have picked up quite a few things about Ubuntu development. Selfgoing. Friendly communicator, and has good potential for software development and administration. - zequence

Outgoing and enthusiastic, Smartboyhw has been exceedingly helpful from the first day with Ubuntu Studio. While focusing mainly on testing, he has been always willing to help in whatever manner available. I expect continued and increasing value to Ubuntu from him, including for development. ScottLavender

smartboyhw has been a great addition to the QA/Testing team. He is active in all aspects of it and is shortly due to hold a classroom session on testing ISO's. I can heart-fully recommend him for Ubuntu membership and ask that you look favorably upon his application. phillw 14:02 26th Jan 2013

I had the pleasure to meet smartboyhw while working on Ubuntu Accomplishments. He keeps providing us with valuable feedback, helps us fix bugs, and contributes some code. The quality of his work is great, and I suspect it may be partially caused by his never-ending enthusiasm for contributing to Ubuntu. smartboyhw is one of those contributors who are certain to bring great values to Ubuntu, and therefore I can recommend him for Ubuntu membership. RafalCieslak

Smartboyhw stumbled into IRC one morning and his ethusiam for ubuntu, testing, and open source hasn't wavered since! As time has passed he's gotten invovled in many different aspects of testing and from there branching out into other parts of ubuntu. He's gained many skills along the way, and it's been a pleasure watching him become a part of the community. I would encourage you to make his inclusion official and look favorably upon his application for membership. balloons

I have worked with smartboyhw first with the Ubuntu Beginners team and then the Ubuntu Accomplishments project. He is keen to help, and impresses me with the ammount of time and energy he gives freely to others. He is constantly learning and shares this knowledge with the community. As a member of the Ubuntu Membership board I request my fellow board members review this application favourably.

I have worked with smartboyhw on AskUbuntu, and he consistently impresses me with the amount of time he spends working on answers, and troubleshooting peoples problems. I highly recommmend him for Ubuntu Membership. jamesgifford

I have been following Howard's work on ubuntu studio and recently I sponsord a merge of his and was impressed by his uber quick response to my comment. I always thought he was 20'ish till I stomped upon this wiki page. All in all, a person who stands up to his nick on IRC truly Smile :) +1 from me for his membership status and hope he contributes more to ubuntu development in the future. --BhavaniShankar

Smartboyhw has been a welcome and extremely helpful addition to the ubuntustudio team, always helping out in anyway he can.. thanks! holstein

An awesome young contributor. Extremely active in the QA Testing team. I highly recommend him for ubuntu membership Amith KK

Howard has been a huge help in making testdrive active again. He was a big part of why i got ubuntu membership too. Noskcaj

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