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Who am I?

I'm an Ubuntu user, currently a Commerce student residing in Chennai, India. I do writing and programming as a hobby. I am always interested in learning new things and will throw my hands up for quite readily.

My contributions to Ubuntu

Notable contributions


You can easily contact me through email. Or, if you prefer transparency in the communication, I am open for contact on Google + and Twitter.

I am also very active in the Ask Ubuntu chat room and you can catch me there if you like.

Testimonials (Application for Ubuntu Membership)

Awesome askubuntu contributor. Working very hard in editing, cleaning up and answering in the site. Has a positive attitude. I would surely support him becoming a Ubuntu Member -- Amith kk

He has done a lot of Ask Ubuntu, a lot for the community, and I can't back his membership application enough. As a Ubuntu Member and fellow Ask Ubuntu user, I highly recommend him for membership. jamesgifford

He is a very dedicated and professional contributor on both Ask Ubuntu and IRC. Always friendly and eager to help and learn. I totally endorse him becoming an Ubuntu member. -- Octavian Damiean

jokerdino is an extraordinary Ask Ubuntu contributor. He has worked exceptionally hard, moreso than most, to clean up the Ask Ubuntu site. He has also provided numerous helpful questions and answers to questions. To quote what Mark Shuttleworth sent in response to my original membership approval, because it applies here: "Thanks for making Ask Ubuntu great". I fully support him becoming an Ubuntu Member. -- Thomas Ward (Launchpad)


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