About me

Anas Emad El-Deen I'm 28, I live in Cairo Egypt. I am co-founder of Qafeer, I worked at Fixed Solutions as Marketing specialist 2012,(All fixed solutions used and supported Ubuntu and Ubuntu eg team ), i come from teaching computer science background. I had worked as a joomla administrator for 2 years using joomla as powerful cms to build websites. I have been a Linux user since 2008.

I am the Ubuntu Egypt Team Public Relations Representative.

My Contact Info


<anas.emad [att] gmail [dott] com>

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Channels on IRC:

freenode: #ubuntu-eg


My main interests are

  • Help form and sustain an Ubuntu community
  • Marketing Ubuntu for Creative people
  • Teaching teens and kids ubuntu and open source

Talk to me if you would like to contribute to Ubuntu Server or would like to use Ubuntu in any cloud context


  • Contribute with Eglug
  • Gave a session about Vector graphics using Inkscape in an Ubuntu Lucid Release party event.

  • Cairo release party for Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Saturday, October 30, 2010
  • Ubuntu 11.10 release party at faculty of Engineering, Cairo University,Saturday, October 22, 2011 * Software Freedom Day SFD 2012 -10 Septembe- at Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University Facebook Event

  • Ubuntu Festival
  • Ubuntu Install festival in Ofok NGO, Saturday, December 18, 2010
  • Cairo ICT - at Fixed Solutions Booth 2011,2012
  • Software Freedom Day SFD 2012 -10 Septembe- at Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University Facebook Event

  • i love ubuntu (social media campaign September 2012) Facebook Event

  • Helping Ubuntu eg to build partnership with another technical communities (Arabnet,Nozom,ieee,cairo GTUG, Bluekaizen, CAT,..etc)
  • OSDay: open source day in Mansoura OSDay Facebook Event

  • Redesign ubuntu introduction paper
  • a lot of activities and meetings


My Presentations in events are


  • Start E the Ubuntu Egypt Website.
  • Marketing Ubuntu to everyone in Egypt.
  • publish Ubuntu eg magazine in Arabic Language.
  • Help in build Creative Community support and using ubuntu in egypt and middle east
  • connect other communities, geeks, Software and Hardware companies with ubuntu eg


Please place your testimonials below ending with your wiki page, or LaunchPad page if you have one. If you've neither, just leave your name and nickname. Thanks :)

  • Anas is a cornerstone of our community (Ubuntu-EG LoCo team). He is a very enthusiastic person, with great communication skills. A person you can always rely on when organizing events and talking to sponsors. Recently he has started working with OpenEgypt community that is trying to get the government to use open source solutions. Thanks Anas for all the work that you have done and I hope you get the Ubuntu membership.

  • Anas is very very very enthusiastic volunteer in Ubuntu-eg LoCo team, how I can describe his enthusiasm, he attends every technical event in Egypt, you can find him in every event giving help to people, introduce them to the world of open source and attracts them in many different ways, he is regarded as our liaison and the Egyptian Open Source liaison in general (in my Point of View). His communication skills is more than perfect. We depend on these skills in every event we hold also his marketing knowledge is great. He helps greatly in our marketing plans. I can't find a way to thank him for his great help in the Egyptian open source community, actually he is one of those who are shaping our community.

  • A young man of an optimistic soul who is always passionate about open source world. Anas is still inspiring us with creative ideas seeking a true change in our country, Egypt.
  • The best optimistic and Cheerful Soul in the open source world.Always Inspiring ,always moving the spirits up ,always looking for more.that's how i saw Anas 4 years ago for the first time and still see him tell now ,Move on my friend You still has more to give the World .
  • Anas have huge passion about Open Source, Community , and advocating the free software. He is the marketing man if you need any help in this field. His speeches is inspiring and make you want to act now.
  • Anas is one of our important core members in our community, his existence within Ubuntu-eg is definitely essential. Anas has great marketing skills, he promotes Ubuntu & FOSS philosophy whenever he has the chance drived by his great passion & enthusiasm, I definitely recommend him for Ubuntu membership.

  • Anas is most active geek I saw. You can't join any IT related NGO, group, or project without finding Anas already joined before you! He is also a good source of technical news. Always pushing Ubuntu and FOSS generally.
  • Anas emad is a good man and important man, he is active member in the team, i know him in the ubuntu -eg, he Motivates us to be active members, he is Is like my brother,and he learned me what is ubuntu, and what is free software, every time i have a problem he said to me you can do it, I will never forget you i will never forget your word .... (you can do it)
  • This is Mustafa , I considered anas on of my geeky brothers , O remember his forst words to me 4 years ago "you can do it , you are in an open source world it's open source even open ideas , I have to admit that he is -AS I usually mention him as one of those who affected on my dreams - anas is a woow gek who can help you do any thing just with the passion to that open source world , he is aweosome geek on that open source world Smile :-)

  • Anas is a hyperactive geek , a marketing expert and a passionate FLOSS user, it the most enthusiastic person I'd ever seen doing such a voolnteery work
  • Anas is the dynamo of our LoCo. Without his enthusiasm, reliability, and communication skills the LoCo would not have been to where it is Today. Anas was instrumental in allowing us to network with the rest of Egypt's FOSS and IT communities. I could confidently say that without Anas, our LoCo's stand in the community would've never been as strong as it is now. Anas, thanks for all you have done for Ubuntu-EG, and please keep up the good work.

  • Anas is very talented in marketing and a huge Ubuntu fan. His love for the distro and the community is only matched by his enthusiasm. He is very essential and indespensable to our team. Thank you Anas. Smile :)

  • I have been a member in many organizations in school & college, and i have never seen a public relations representative like Anas ! It has always been a problem in Linux communities, dealing with the public & successfully making campaigns, reaching out to students, non-geeks, new users, everyone, and that's what makes Anas special person, whichever organization that has him in its public relations team is going to succeed in reaching out for many new audience of different cultures & interests. I personally would like to thank him for his efforts, and i wish him best of luck in getting Ubuntu membership & his life.

  • He is the one who introduced me to this community and helped me to know more and more about Ubuntu. Special and creative person indeed.
  • Anas is one of the most active people I know, Also Anas has great ability to self-motivation and not only that, but also has the indescribably ability to motivate others! Almost no project I know related to Ubuntu or Open source but I found that Anas part of it or somehow contributed in it! He had contributed -and still- in a lot of wonderful community activities, Anas is DEFINITELY one of the most active people who I know!


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