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I'm a self taught 3D artist, programmer and student of Computer Science faculty. I have an experience with a wide range of DCC S/W especially CG ones like Maya and Blender. I am working as a gameplay programmer at Cloud Mill Games. I am also interested in Graphics developing and everything Unixy and Geeky. I am an active member of the Ubuntu-EG LoCo team.

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Islam Tarik Al Wazery






Cairo, Egypt

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<wazery AT cloudmillgames DOT com>


Menopia on irc.freenode.net





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  • Gave a session about computer graphics using blender in an Ubuntu Lucid Release party event.

  • Helped in the development of Cairo university Ubuntu course content.
  • 2D and 3D Designing for the team Artwork page.

  • Gave a lot of sessions about Ubuntu and FOSS in shrouck academy computer science department.
  • Convinced my head of the department in computer science with Ahmed Refaat to make Linux a case study of the OS course and other courses and to have a lab that is dedicated to that purpose with Ubuntu installed on its machines.

  • Organized Shrouck acadeny computer science department installfest.

    • My role was to get the event approved (my proposal) from the college and to coordinate with them for the event requirements.

    • Designed all necessary ads and banners for the event.
    • Gave 2 introductory sessions about FOSS

  • Supported and designed all the necessary designs for the Open Source Education Day 2011 in Misr University for Science and Technology.

  • Participated in the booth in Cairo ICT event that Fixed Solutions gave part of it to us and design all the necessary designs for it. And contacting a lot of companies and organizations to know how ubuntu-eg can benefit from them. And also participate in writing our team report on it report link.

  • Succeed to change a lot of people including my friends to use Ubuntu and convinced them with the open source philosophy.
  • Attended all Ubuntu hour and global jam events with my LoCo team.

  • Gave a GIMP session for iShare students at Cairo university.
  • Member of Egypt LoCo Launchpad team.

  • Active in #ubuntu-eg IRC channel.
  • Testing of several Open Source applications included in Ubuntu.
  • Developing and maintaining an Open Source project 3D Virtual User Interface.

Other Open Source activities and events



''My !AskUbuntu banner'

Future Goals

  • Finish all scheduled Tasks On Time.
  • Organize a workshop for Git reversion control system in Shrouck academy.
  • Organize some courses in upper Egypt with 4all organization which is a NGO that gives a lot of courses in upper Egypt.

  • Contact Allam Rakmy Mgazine which is a weekly printed and e-magazine that we can publish a lot of articles in it. I actually contacted them in Cairo ICT but I need to send some content to them to be published.

  • Contact Arab Hardware Magazine which is an e-magazine which we can join them and have a free software an Ubuntu section it it.

  • Make (I Open Source community) which is part of ubuntu-eg LoCo team as all of its members (about 7 core members till now) are members in the LoCo, an official Ubuntu community in my university.

  • Get more people into the Ubuntu Egypt LoCo.

  • Blender workshop in Cairo university under the name of Ubuntu-eg team.
  • Participating in all events with Egypt LoCo team.

  • Writing, Editing and Publishing monthly issue of the Ubuntu-eg magazine.
  • Getting our team Ubuntu-eg approved.




Please place your testimonials below ending with your Ubuntu.com wiki page, or LaunchPad page if you have one. If you've neither, just leave your name and nickname. Thanks :)

Ahmed Toulan

  • Islam is one of the most reliable and enthusiastic volunteers in the Ubuntu-EG LoCo team. He truly believes in free software philosophy, and considers it a way of living. Also, he is considered the graphics wizard in the team as he showed great skills using Blender and other graphics software. Our last event at El Shorouk Academy was successful because of Islam's contributions to the event planning.

Jonathan Hindi

  • Islam is a very enthusiastic member in Ubuntu-EG LoCo team. He is one of the best I have worked with in a voluntary work. He really one of the persons who believes in Open Source communities as a philosophy of life. He was one of the key persons behind organizing El Shorouk Academy. Islam is one of the few peoples who encourage me every time i see his enthusiasm working together. He is a very creative graphic designer and developer "Blender". One day he will be an Open Source leader.

Karim Husseiny

  • Islam is my classmate at Shorouk Academy, most of our college students currently use Ubuntu because of him as he persuaded many of us to use Ubuntu by explaining features and advantages of Open Source products for us as students and also as developers, this done by establising sessions about FOSS and GNU/Linux OS in general, aslo he has organized InstallFest day at our Academy. Which our head of the Computer Science department attended. He's an active member at ubuntu-eg community and he helps the LoCo team at many events in Egypt in a lot of aspects, like co-organizing the event, design all the necessarily designs and sure giving session.‬

Ahmed Kamal

  • Islam is a very active member of Ubuntu-eg, he's always attending loco meetings, helping out with insightful thoughts and comments. He's always ready to take action and volunteer, his actions are inspiring to new members. To me, he meets the significant and sustained criteria, I would be happy to see Islam become an Ubuntu member

Mohammed Gamal

  • Islam has been one of the founding members of the Egyptian LoCo. He has been there in every meeting, release party, install fest, and session we have organized. His willingness to volunteer and help was essential for the LoCo's success. I don't think any of our work would've been even been possible if it wasn't for him.

Mohamed El-Feky

Ahmed Refaat

  • Islam is one of my best Ubuntu fellows at El Shorouk academy, he is the most passionate person I ever seen in my college about open source, free software, and Ubuntu. I met Islam in my first year in computer science faculty where I am studying, from the first days I figured that he is truly believe in free software movement and open source. He always trying to help students with our LoCo team at the college, participating and planning for all events, and he persuaded me to this philosophy and then I became one of the Egyptian LoCo team with him and we have made our Installfest in El-Shorouk academy and it was a successful event and now we are trying to make a sub community in our college to promote open source and Ubuntu, and we successfully persuaded our head of the department to give us a lab with Ubuntu installed on its machines to include a lot of free software to our curriculum like making Linux a case study of the operating systems course and GCC for compilers course.

Amahdy AbdElAziz

  • An essential bone in the Egyptian Ubuntu community, when you talk with him you can see an open geek: he likes to share, and his knowledge is very deep. His enthusiasm is very very high =)

Ahmed Taher

  • Islam is one of the best I have ever known. He is talented and always ready to help the others.

Ahmed Mahmoud

  • Islam is who introduced me to the amazing world of open source and he is making a big change in our community and our college (Shorouk-Academy), thanks islam for your efforts.

Ahmed Shams

  • Wazery is a very active LoCo member who strives to help Ubuntu Community in Egypt gets mature, and he is always dreaming of the day when our LoCo becomes approved. I'm happy to get to know him, and sure happy to work with him.

Mahmoud Fawzy

  • Islam is a really good teammate and is really enthusiastic about opensource and he is always there whenever the team needs his knowledge or his art :), it is really nice to work with Islam.

Mohamed Yosry

  • Islam has been one of the founding members of the Egyptian LoCo, he does a great job in supporting ubuntu and open-source. he is full of enthusiasm and creativity. he always attending every meeting, contribute in planing and creating new events and activities. always working to spread the word of ubuntu and open-source,always working working to persuaded more universities, organizations and new comers to use open-source tools specially ubuntu. he did a great job in the past, contribute to every event, plan and activity. and i think he will do a greater job in the future.

    • -- [Mohamed Yosry]

Abdallah Hodieb

  • Islam is one of the very best friends and teammates iv worked with . He is a very good community member,he has helped me and provided me with help and resources whenever i asked him . He is very active and believes in the principles and philosophies of open source .

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