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My name is Ahmed Toulan. I live in Cairo Egypt. I started out as a cross platform C/C++ developer, and that got me hooked with Qt. Currently I am working as a web developer using Python and Django. I started using Redhat in year 2001, then decided to be more hardcore so I switched to Slackware. After having all the fun that I can get and deciding to do some real work Ubuntu was my distro of choice. I am an active member of the Ubuntu-EG LoCo team.

I have been working with Ubuntu-eg since 2009 and had such a great time with the team since then.

Log from the last Ubuntu membership approval meeting.

My Contact Info



  • Ubuntu Debian package maintainer.

    Ubuntu Co-organized Ubuntu 11.10 release party.

    Ubuntu Gave a number of sessions about Qt under Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Co-organized Iftar for Ubuntu-eg team and fans.

    Ubuntu Helped in the creation of the new Ubuntu-eg team structure.(Council, FG, Membership)

    Ubuntu Participated in Mansoura OSDay.

    Ubuntu Co-organized Linux summer training for Engineering student @ Cairo University. Event temp page.

    Ubuntu Created the team website.

    Ubuntu Co-organizer of the Lucid Lynx Cairo Release party.

    • My main role was to coordinate between different team members.
    • I gave a session about desktop programming using Qt in the event.

    Ubuntu Gave a session about desktop programming using Qt in an EGLUG event.

    Ubuntu Member of Egypt LoCo Launchpad team.

    Ubuntu Senior Member of (Egypt GNU/Linux User Group).

    Ubuntu Active in #ubuntu-eg IRC channel.

    Ubuntu Active in our facebook group.

    Ubuntu Translation of several Open Source applications on launchpad to Arabic.

    Ubuntu Testing of several Open Source applications included in Ubuntu.

Goals for 2012

  • Ubuntu Getting our team Ubuntu-EG approved.

    Ubuntu Work on the new team structure.

    Ubuntu Provide help and support to new users.

    Ubuntu Become a Debian Maintainer.

    Ubuntu Spread the team across the whole country.

    Ubuntu Maintain my Ubuntu Membership.

    Ubuntu Blog more.

Old Testimonials (2010)

Please place your testimonials below ending with your wiki page, or LaunchPad page if you have one. If you've neither, just leave your name and nickname. Thanks!

  • Ahmed is a very enthusiastic person, he is enthusiastic about making a contribution to the community, he is also a very good leader since he meets the requirements of a true team leader, in his way of talking & decision making. i. I recommend him for Ubuntu membership. -- Omar Mohsen (Wiki), LoCo colleague & friend.

  • It is a pleasure for me to write this testimonial for Ahmed Toulan he is a talented and a fantastic individual, he is an excellent leader to Ubuntu-eg he helped the team to begin a new era and his contribution has helped the team to begin a higher level of contribution to the Ubuntu Community, he has shown us that we can achieve more goals with the ubuntu-eg loco team and that he is profoundly dedicated and responsible , on behalf of the whole team we highly wants to see him as the first Ubuntu Member from Egypt. Mohamed Zaian

  • Ahmed is a very very good coordinator for Ubuntu-eg. He help the team to wake-up and be an active team, Help us to contribute with the community in Egypt and specially university students. He is an Ubuntu dedicated person. Jonathan N. Hindi . Email, Launchpad.

  • Ahmed is credited with the recent revival of Ubuntu-eg after about 3 years of slumber. The LoCo team is still young, but thanks to his efforts we have succeeded in organizing a number of events including a FOSS-awareness day and an Ubuntu educational course that is currently running now in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. He also succeeded in attracting new members to the LoCo team. Mohammed Gamal

  • Ahmed has a very good vision and goals to develop the LoCo team, he is a very active man he giving sessions, helping people, Spreading the spirit of open source software, volunteering by printing T-shirts, burning Cd's and a lot more .... beside that he is a good leader and organizer. He always makes the team moving in the right direction according to it's goals. I am one of those who joined the team thanks to Ahmed's sessions Islam Al-Wazery

  • Toulan is a very enthused FOSS and Ubuntu advocate, contributor and developer. He never hesitate to spend efforts to the whole community no matter what is he busy with his own life, he is a good team leader, responsible, he listens to others, appreciate ideas and criticize in a positive way. The rise of Egyptian Ubuntu'ers credit goes to him no doubt. Thanks Toulan Smile :) Sensiva

  • Ahmed, The first time I met him, I was very disappointed about the team's situation, there was barely no team. Thanks to his bright ideas, and commitment, he taught me how to help the community, even with limited or no resources! ... I can remember first time he said "we want to hold courses and free trainings about Ubuntu and FOSS, I didn't believe him and I thought it was impossible to do such thing here. However, here we are holding our second training course and having one big event in our yet growing legacy! MFawzy

  • Ahmed Toulan is my friend from first time i meet him in linux install fest with eglug team, he call people to make ubuntu release party and organize event in cairo university with team , i love to be member in team with people like him active and creative , he is friendly with people ,every time i need help with ubuntu or opensource or life i call him , he have good experience that can help others .. Anas Emad

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