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Somewhere between Bugnara and Fermo

Who am I?

I am a 31 years old student in Computer Engineering at Università Politecnica delle Marche in Italy. My interests and hobby (outside of IT, of course) are cooking, jazz music and politic.

I started using Linux in 1995, when I found a RedHat CD within a computer magazine. Since then, I have used many different distros (Debian, SuSE, Mandrake-Mandriva, Fedora and more), until June 2006, when I installed Dapper and Ubuntu became my favourite operating system. After a few months I started helping in the Italian LoCo Team, and in October 2007 I initiated my journey in Ubuntu Development.

Ubuntu involvement

Ubuntu Development

Starting October 2007, I'm now mostly involved with packaging. My former mentor pitti greatly helped me facing this amazing world and up to now I took care of bugfixes, merges, syncs and brand new packaging. My fields of interest are QA, python and science. I eventually became an Ubuntu Developer in march 2008.

I am particularly interested in mentoring and sponsoring of new contributors. I served within the former Mentoring Project, and I am currently a member of the Developer Advisory Team

Along my activity within the Ubuntu Development Team, I am particularly careful in sending my work (patches, new packages, etc.) back to Debian. I am firmly convinced that cooperation between Ubuntu and Debian makes both of them stronger and stronger,

I am a member of Ubuntu-it-dev. This team is composed by Italian Developers who take care of packaging and backporting software according to the requests coming from our Community. We use the Team PPA as our repository.

Italian LoCo Team

My involvement in the Ubuntu community begun within Italian LoCo Team. Currently I help Italian LoCo Team with three projects:

  • Progetto Relatori: I coordinate a project within Italian Marketing Team to grow and coordinate speakers for conferences and meetings.

  • Ubuntu-it-dev: a team of Italian guys involved in Ubuntu Development or active as prospective Ubuntu developers.

  • Italian Newsletter: I am an author of the official Italian Newsletter.

  • CD Project: we ship Ubuntu CDs to people who neither have a broadband connection nor want to wait for ShipIt CDs.

Also, since January 2012 I am serving a two-years office as a member of the Italian LoCo Council.

Other activities

Bugs triaging

I am a member of Ubuntu Bug Control Team, Bug Squad and Desktop-bugs. I also partecipate to the 5-a-day project.

Ubuntu Testing Team

I am a member of Ubuntu Testing Team. I take care of testing daily builds and report my impressions on

Ubuntu/FOSS advocacy

Most important of all, I always try to spread the verb of GNU/Linux, FOSS and Ubuntu among friends, relatives and people I meet.

Ubuntu Wine and Food Sharing Team

I proudly am one of the founders of The Official Ubuntu Wine and Food Sharing Team. Because we love sharing all around, don't we?


International teams

Italian teams

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

MartinPitt: A big +1 from me. I am his mentor and sponsor. His enthusiasm is remarkable, and he has helped with a lot of small bug fixes, bug triage, and packaging of new software.

AndreaCorbellini: Andrea is a great person. He's very active and enthusiast in the Ubuntu community and he's also very helpful with who asks him help. I'd very happy to give him my +1!

I would like to sponsor Andrea for his membership, he is a very hard worker and a good MOTU contibutor. His work on the Italian community is invaluable -- PalmaSalvatore 2008-01-08 20:12:43

Andrea is a very active person, he recently started to look at MOTU issues by uploading a lot of packages. I think the membership is deserved and so +1 from me... go Andrea go!! -- NaldiniPaolo 2008-01-10 16:32:39


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