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About me

I joined Ubuntu on Februray 2006 with Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger". I immediately created an account on the Italian forum and after a few days I began to give support to people.

After a year, I obtained Ubuntu Italian membership. I'm working to the Promotion Group and i am the coordinator of two project: Stickers Project and the Cd Ubuntu Project

The objectives of the promotion Group are the elaboration and to initiate varied projects for to promote l'use of Ubuntu in Italy and the principal objective is to delete the bug #1.

In a near future I would like to join Ubuntu Italian Translators Team to continue improving the overall quality of the translations.

* date of birth 31/10/1978

* Profile of the italian forum

* Launchpad profile

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I am

  • My nick: totò

  • Mail: <palmasalvatore AT ubuntu-it DOT org>

  • IRC: totopalma on network
  • Residence: Scalea (CS)

My projects

My Documentation

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

Salvatore is a very active person: he is moderator of Italian forum and he's involved in several projects related to marketing issues. He puts a lot of efforts to spread Ubuntu in Italy, and his work begins to pay. Nice work, Totò! Smile :) -LucaFalavigna-


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