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Hi, I am ant30. I was born in Seville (Spain) at 1982. I started to use Linux at 1999 with Corel Linux v1.0 , actually Xandros. Later, I tested many Distros as Suse, Mandrake, Red Hat, Fedora... I used Debian as main distro until Ubuntu become with first Warty 4.10 RC release. From then, I use Ubuntu all the time.

Now, I am Ingeniero Técnico de Sistemas or Computer System Engineer, or Computer Science graduate on Huelva University (Spain). I am working on Yaco Sistemas on Seville, Spain.


  • I am a Channel Operator at #ubuntu at

  • I am SpainTeam Member, webadmin, team founder, event manager.

  • I am organizing a Free and Comercial Support for Spain, with the SpainTeam LocoTeam. Newbes, Small and Medium Corporations or Bussines, Schools, Computer Stores... are objetives of this support.

  • I help on launchpad with answers, translations, blueprints... . I have create a project and a group on launchpad to give support in Spanish Language. This group is formed by SpainTeam LocoTeam people.

  • I give a small help on Seville Ubucon/UDS of May 2007. Spanish publicity on Barrapunto, Traducing some articles, publishing Ubucon/UDS Videos and photos on and Barrapunto, a nice Hotel list.
  • I organize mettings Ubuntu about on my city, Seville, as event manager of

Present GPL Projects

  1. A work on Bluetooth Remote Control for Gnome with mobile systems with my project AzulRemoto.

  2. I work on adding to Moodle a basic PKI-x509 system, for login, document signing, grade signing, assigment signing. I am making a API to help others developers to use this security system. This is for University Project, and it will be released under GPL license on SourceForge or similar.

Other Interests

  1. Security, System Admin technologies and networking.
  2. Mobile Bluetooth Gnome Integration.
  3. Geometric Computation Algorithms (Voronoi, Visibility, Optimized Paths)
  4. Hardware, Gadgets and its Linux Integration.
  5. Robotics, Artificial Intelegence, Fuzzy Logic.
  6. CMS System. Now, I am working on Zope / Plone Government Sites

Contact & Data Info:

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  • at freenode as ant30
  • at as ant30


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