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SpainTeam, the local community for people from Spain

Why don't we join "SpanishTeam" instead of creating a new one

  • The "SpanishTeam" is focused on "spanish language users" whereas our focus is in "users from Spain". What's the difference? Well, there are many countries where people use the spanish language, and, while we can have some things in common and can share some tasks, we have some differences too. Our purpose is to do things "in the real world", like showing Ubuntu to students. We can translate software to our language and share the files through internet, but we can't travel through internet to visit schools from another country nor another country people can do that to visit schools in Spain.

    We plan to work with "SpanishTeam" when possible, but we need "some space" to do things that can't interest many of the "SpanishTeam" members without interfering the "SpanishTeam" activities and without getting interfered ourselves.


  • We are focused in promoting Free Software in general and Ubuntu in particular within Spain. To do that we plan to show Ubuntu in schools, with installfests and so on.


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How to join us?

  • The most important thing is that you colaborate in our events (online or in person) Smile :) You could too:

    • Sign up in launchpad and join our launchpad team.

    • Once you have a launchpad account, you have a wiki account too. Fill your personal wiki page and describe there what you can do to help.
    • Additionally, you can subscribe our mailing list to be in touch and know what we are doing.

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