In order to go from 20 million to 200 million users, we need to get more & better apps on to Ubuntu. We want Ubuntu to have a full suite of first class applications and to be a thriving market place for free and commercial applications. We believe a crucial element of this is to make the lives of application developers more rich and satisfying.

This page is your starting point to find out about the work that's going on to make this happen.

It's a bit rough and is definitely incomplete. You are welcome to join us in improving it, or to follow along as we do so.

How to join in

The projects


Software Center

A cornerstone of the application developer edifice. Read about it at SoftwareCenter or join us on irc on #software-center or on Launchpad.

We always welcome contributors!

There's quite a lot of server-side stuff behind the Software Center:

Make packaging easier

Not everyone likes packaging things for Ubuntu. We're doing work that will allow developers to submit a binary tarball to MyApps and then have MyApps automatically package it and submit it to the Software Center.

  • pkgme – automatically packages things

  • pkgme-binary – specific backend for binary tarballs

  • udd – keeps a database of dependencies up-to-date

  • pkgme-service – network service version of the command-line pkgme tool

Plans are currently spread out across the bug trackers for various projects and the following docs:

See also PkgmeService for a description of the whole thing.

Make running applications safer

XXX - link this up, explain how it fits in.

Making a portal

Getting apps into stable

XXX - say more about this

Make application development easier

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