This document lists resources for the plymouth startup splash

General information on Plymouth

Info on scripting

The mailing list

Information on Plymouth from a design perspective

  • Part 1: introduction, creating testing environment

  • Part 2: theming basics

  • Part 3: scripting and animation

  • Part 4: advanced tips & tricks

Ubuntu-specific technical notes

  • You don't need to compile Plymouth from source to get its X11 interface. Just install plymouth-x11 package.

  • Ubuntu uses Debian alternatives system instead of plymouth-set-default-theme command. This means that you'll have to use sudo update-alternatives default.plymouth path-to-your-theme-here to switch themes. Themes are usually located in /lib/plymouth/themes/theme-name/theme-name.plymouth

  • There are many example themes in Ubuntu repository. Run apt-cache search plymouth-theme-* to get a list of available theme packages. You can also view them online (with screenshots).

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