Welcome to the Theme Teams wiki page. Here we plan to develop some unofficial themes to be packaged in Universe This basically isn't happening. We had one person volunteer to run a theme (go Kiddo!) and that seems to be going well, but basically there was no support. Please remember this before you whine about the state of the art in Ubuntu...

Proposed Themes

If you'd like to lead a theme team, or see a specific theme developed as part of this process, add some details about it to the wiki page at /ThemeProposals.

Shortly after Jan 7th we will decide which themes we are going to go ahead with. This will likely happen by a vote

Schedule for Development

We aim to stay in sync with the other Hardy Artwork deadlines. They're not in HardyReleaseSchedule, but this looks accurate These have vague names, so I've interpreted what I think they mean - I am likely wrong, so if you know or think better 'please' point it out!



Theme Deadline

January 5th

Alpha 3

Decision about whether we will do it, how it'll work

January 10th


Decision of WHICH themes will go ahead. Package request in Launchpad

January end


ArtPackagingSchool ?

January 31st

Alpha 4

Apply for inclusion in Universe, packages in REVU (using Launchpad)

Feb 14th

ArtworkDeadlineOne,UVF Universe

Packes in REVU deadline - I.E Packages done, in REVU

February 21st

Alpha 5

All themes artwork preview. Get feedback!

February 28th


Packaging and theme components finalised

March 20th


Design/images finalised. Aim to be complete

March 27th


Polished work. Consistency

April 24th




Working correctly with Launchpad is important. Please add advice on how to do it!


This has historically been a stumbling block. As a result, the timetable above aims to have packaging being done from early on in the process. The idea is that we can start with dummy packages with placeholder art and move forward from there.

But we really need people who know how to do the launchpad packaging. I propose that we try and arrange an ArtPackagingSchool for the end January... Is there anyone to run it?

  • -- TroySobotka 2008-01-03 00:55:46 - Brilliant, but why not just formalize all of the arcane knowledge into a document so that it is permanent? I know that Daniel believed it was better to accomplish the art packaging via Python scripting than the original automake standard, and I think he worked towards that. I would probably suggest that if we are able, we contact Luke (themuso) or another MOTU to get the building bits in alignment. The reason being is that the art and design encompasses a bunch of things, not to mention audio that is never talked about, and that involves having MOTU experience around 24/7 to resolve and educate. Perhaps we can get further on this by enlisting the help of those packager types?

Getting to Universe

Theme Team Leaders should read UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages

It looks like we will need to go through REVU as these will likely be new packages. Thus, taking the advice of the wikipage above, we should be in REVU two weeks before 14th

Some themes already exist in Universe (Blubuntu, for example) - so we could update these - however if we change the 'nature' of the themes we risk frustrating many users.


We will also need to publicise these themes, so we can get feedback from users. It would be good to use the forums for this, and any well read blogs. If you have a blog, or are active on the forums please add your name (and email) here


Method of publicity



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