Proposed Themes

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  • Leader's Name. If you are proposing a theme but can't lead please leave this as 'ADOPT ME!?'
  • Leader's idea for the theme rationale and design
  • If required, a link to another wiki page with further details
  • Interested Team Members
  • Screenshot, mockup, 3 images max please




Currently Union is a Compositing-enabled Murinne theme based on technology by Cimi, within the Gnome GTK+ framework. Graphics are created in SVG format, as to enable scaling when the technology becomes available. Goal

There are no GTK themes available as of yet, the theme so far is only within concept stages. The theme goals are to:

  • Be extremely clean with minimal clutter; Avoid information overflow.
  • Use sharp graphics and smooth gradients; Make the theme clear-cut yet gentle.
  • Showcase a unique visual identity; People know Ubuntu when they see it.
  • Look solid, yet lightweight; People hate flimsy feeling windows and being weighed down.
  • Demonstrate the cutting edge without overstepping; Use as much technology we have, use very little we don't.
  • Display the graphical prowess of Linux; Some people still think we only have command-line.


Satin Ribbon


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